Little Old Leprechaun

Just what you want your subject to say!

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  1. HDR images with off the chart saturation is a no from me.

  2. I don’t even know where to begin with the bad here. LOL

  3. At least the client didn’t like it!

  4. NicCole

    Dear god, that is truly awful! The whole thing is so busy and just a mess. That poor woman.

  5. They aged that lady by 50 years!!! HDR and people’s faces = FAIL.

  6. Bairhanz

    Not as bad as some of the stuff featured on here… But still exceptionally bad.

  7. At least all that clutter kind of hides the electrical box behind the ladder.

  8. Livvyrat

    I would like it as a painting.

    • Livvyrat

      I mean that if this were a painting it would be nice. Clearly I haven’t had coffee yet.

      • lol…that’s what hdr “painterly” effect is for XD Just….never for a person haha

  9. Actually in terms of PS, and if you look at it more as digital art, the HDR effect isn’t that badly overdone. I’ve seen far worse on DPChallenge, especially when noobs discover PS and think they can blow away the voters with all the kewl effects, LOL!!! But the poor comp, overly cluttered bg , and the fact that the client is publicly complaining about how old she looks…not good.

  10. Hobbyist

    I think this site may be looking a little too hard for something to post. There’s plenty of bad photography out there. Believe me, I’ve seen it. But I think this one is fine. No two artists are alike and from an artistic point of view (which is what photographers are) this is a very nice piece. I think the owners of the site should just stick with things that have technical atrocities and not items based on opinion……but then again that’s just My opinion.

  11. Shutterbug

    This could be one of those hidden object puzzles.

  12. gourmetguy

    LOL that is hilarious!

  13. Nice shoes, terrible spot colour editing.
    What was the rush?

  14. I’m pretty sure this is one of those cut-outs you find at the fair and put your face through to take a picture…

  15. Holy hell I can not believe the comments on here!!! This is NOT digital art.. there is absolutely NOTHING redeeming about this as “fine art” a “painting” or a photograph. Its terrible… All of you who think that this isn’t as bad as every other thing posted on this website need to reassess your tastes

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