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    Kim, your note about not displaying well is interesting.  I thought it was just Apple phones that had trouble with flash!  There are other ways of showing slides, perhaps one of them would work better with phones.


    Hello Cameraclicker, yes, I’m certain there are other ways, but so far I haven’t found one that does what I want in Blogger. Sites like Flickr & Picasa do have slideshows but I’ve noticed that I can right-click images and save them. I don’t like that.
    Anyway a local friend of mine has offered to make a site for me and host it, so perhaps that will answer this need.





    Kim, the best way to keep your images from being used is to size them to fit your intended use.  A residual benefit is that they will load faster if they are small.  Internet browsers download everything they display.  It is possible to turn off right click in the page code, however, since the image has to be downloaded, it can be picked up from cache if you know where to look.  Print Screen will also collect the image to the clipboard, as it appears on the monitor.

    Let your friend know you would like the page to work with phones as well as computers and see how it turns out.  Best wishes for a successful project.


    hi Cameraclicker; actually I always upload my images on the small side.

    I also found a no right-click script.



    This gave me a giggle today. It’s everywhere! AAAAAHhhhh!!!!



    Ad on Gumtree today:

    “Need pictures of your favorite pet, a shutterbug for your birthday celebration, glamour/fashion shots for your portfolio? Babies, products, profile shots for facebook? Dont pay an overpriced ‘professional’ photographer, when you can get quality pictures for a fraction of the price!!
    $30 per hour*”

    Overpriced professional huh? Oh how that grinds my gears!  Also, further into the ad this individual grants full copyright of their images to the clients, and of course all photos are put on disk. Yeah, you’re going to last a LONG time in this business, mate!



    Yeah, that irritates me to death.. “Over priced professional’.. It’s always nice to compete with someone that invests absolutely nothing into their business and gains 100% profit, no matter how menial that profit is. Most pros have to pay bills, feed their families, you know…. Live.  What’s funny is the expression that photographers clients face is when they see the final product.. I have seen it, it’s hilarious. But, for 30 dollars an hour, hey it’s a small gamble.

    But, there’s someone for everyone.. And obviously this reflects into the world of photography as well.


    Note:  This isn’t true (for the client) if in fact the client knows not of the photographers discrepancies of being an actual photographer.. However, for 30$ an hour.. Ought to be a relatively clear indicator that it’s essentially a scam.


    on facebook:

    friend: “your photos just keep getting better and better” photog:”thanks! i’m finally learning what the buttons on my camera do!”

    Friend: “Oh wow! I’m glad you finally started a business!” Photog: “yeah, my mom bought be a nice camera for Christmas so I figured it was about time!” (nice camera was/is a rebel. before camera was a fujifilm finepix s400, as noted in her about page)


    Photog: “yeah, sometimes i take a photos and they look really good and i’m all ‘how did i DO that!?’ but then i try to do it again and i can’t figure out how I did it!”

    Actually note though, she IS improving (at a very slow rate, but from 2010 to now she has gotten much better). She no longer uses flash at all (she used to have poorly done bridals with flash filling the brides face and casting nasty shadows behind them). She is staying away from the greener vintage edits (jaundice faces are no more, but the yellow edits still persist. I see a trend of her using them less though) Not a single dutch angel in site. She learned proper black and white conversion (i’m certain it was just grayscale before.). I wouldn’t go far as to say she is good, but she is no longer front page material.  (I don’t like calling people out publicly. linking her work isn’t going to do either of us any good. It is just fun to poke fun)


    One of the faux (whom I have linked here in the past) has 55 likes on her page. Not many, but it’s 55 too many because her work is atrocious. She’s the one who apologized on her own page for all the blurry photos because she was “in need of a new camera.” Well, on her page she had posted awhile back that she had 100 complimentary tickets to this huge country music festival in my state (I have NO IDEA how she got those, occasionally some places will raffle off a few of them, and I’ve gotten several of the discount tickets in the past… well anyway) she made up a contest that if people get their friends to like her page, and say who referred them, she’d give the winner a free ticket. Voila! What a scam! I’ve never done one of those liking contests for my page. If I were to run any sort of contest, I’d make the person refer a client and whoever gets the most clients to book and have a session with me maybe they’d win something. Collecting likes doesn’t do a thing. Branching out to new clients will.


    Here’s my contribution to this list. It’s just a pile of too warm, instagrammed rubbish.


    The rest of the page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/CBASS-Makeup-Writing-Photography/198048076905507

    I don’t care if you take bad photos personally, but, it does grind my gears when you dupe people into giving money for such nonsense.


    This is the camera that I mainly shoot with http://www.fujifilm.com/products/digital_cameras/s/finepix_hs30exr/. (I had a S700 that I wore out that was a gift) I have learned the controls inside and out. I prefer shooting in the Manual mode, but still have a lot to learn. I think my talents lie in still life and nature shots. I suck at people photos (hense why I only do my own family). People have asked me a few times to do photoshoots for them but I always refuse because I know where my strengths and weaknesses are. I am still my own worst critic when it comes to my photos.  It irks me to no end when people think that High end DSLR=awesome pictures automatically. Which isn’t true. It takes a lot of work and practice and learning. I hope to some day buy an DSLR but for now I am happy to perfect my art with what I do have And learning all of the basics in the mean time. (Like white balance, composition, exposure, and such.) I don’t want to go into business I just want to stay a hobbyist, but I do have hopes and dreams to further my photography.




    Browneyedgirl- you have much better work on your Flickr page.  The images you posted don’t show your range.  Instead they look like heavily used actions and presets.


    Just what I want to be ~ a photorgapher.



    Hummm… Apparently a photorgapher discriminates on the basis of age or education.  University grads get to pay $50 more, per location, than high school grads, for the same package!


    Very poor business form on this photographers behalf. Although given the price they charge, you do get what you pay for. :-S And on the note of Facebook pages, I struggle to get likes or fans. 55 is not many, yet I see some fauxtogs with over 1000! Clearly I am not good enough or I am doing something wrong in the eyes of Facebook people..

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