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    This is a girl who is my cousin’s girlfriend’s cousin or something like that. LOL.  Either way, she is your classic fauxtog. I mean she can’t even correctly spell HER OWN camera brand!

    Here is a comment on her personal facebook page (where she spells it wrong):  http://i48.tinypic.com/33kzrde.jpg

    And this is a quote from her “business” page  https://www.facebook.com/saycheesephotograpy:

    I’ve always loved taking pictures of my kids…I take tons actually. Its just a hobby I picked up and enjoy doing. Its not your major editing I do, I do natural ( : I am not your “professional” that does all the special edits and affects although like I said before I do some editing but it’s natural ..all I edit is usually the lighting and maybe if I want it black and white.
    If you have any question fill free to contact me at any time! ( : By phone or email


    And yes, she does charge people, but I have no idea how much.



    It’s a Cannon… does it go boom!?

    She can’t even use correct forms of words. “Affect” and “effect” have different meanings, as do “than” and “then.” Sheesh. I’m a bit of a grammar nazi but if you want to gain a rapport of any sort of professionalism (though, she claims she is not anyway) you should really try to use correct spelling and grammar.

    In her ring-on-bouquet shot, the ring isn’t even in focus.


    Sorry, I have to say her business name alone is a huge indication of her professionalism, or lack thereof.


    Today I saw “Im trying out a new action today”

    & The detail in the girls arm was really blown out. It could have been in the original but this is why I don’t like actions. People just apply them to anything without tweaking them.

    reality check

    My quote came from this one http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nouns-Photography-of-Oklahoma/233750669995344

    enjoy 🙂

    her wall is fantastic!  Full of great fauxness. She even shares YANAP


    Sweet Jesus. All these links are so embarrassingly bad. I am horrified. Most of them look like they were taken with a point-and-shoot. Ugh. UGH.


    Followed gfox5’s link, and would say I would be a little hesitant about a photographer with an album titled “The Sky, Trees, and Objects”, if only because how many pictures of the sky does any one photographer need to showcase? Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like if you want to show yourself as a landscape photographer, wouldn’t you need maybe four tops? Sunrise, sunset, daytime, nighttime?

    I am open to being educated as to what the correct number should be.


    I used to post all kinds of photos of nature/still life/buildings/etc. on my photography page, but later decided that page should just be for portraits so that when people are referred to me as a portrait photographer, they can easily pick out what they are looking for. I use Flickr and my personal Facebook profile to post all my other pretty shots besides portraits. I do feel that some of those “other” shots are good and show that I have skill in photography, but it’s just too much.


    How many sky photos?  I never counted, but I have a lot more than four!

    At just one social web page my gallery has 290 photos (far less than the thousands on my own page), and there is:

    Blue sky with a seagull,

    Sunset with a building at the CNE,

    Sunset with a wind turbine,

    Sea and sky beyond the stern of a cruise ship,

    Sunset with silhouette of city scape, one with city below 1/3rd line and a second with city at 2/3rds line,

    Sunrise over a bay on Lake Ontario,

    Sun setting behind some mountains with apartment buildings in middle ground and reflection off water in the foreground, it was the monthly winner in September,

    Cityscape with bright red sky , distant traffic and a construction crane,

    Traffic with a yellow sunset,

    Traffic with pink sky,

    Sunset in top 10 or 15 percent with city streets in foreground and middle ground,

    Pre-dawn sky over a bay on Lake Ontario,

    Same bay, sun is just reaching horizon,

    Another silhouette of apartment buildings with sunset,

    Sunset over a restaurant in Markham,

    Three different photos of night sky with lightning,

    Hubbard Glacier with sea and sky,

    English Bay/Strait of Georgia from Stanley Park — about half sky,

    Another sunset, predominantly blue sky with dark clouds and an orange band at the horizon,

    A view down a sidewalk in Markham, looking at the sun peeking over a rooftop, beside bare trees,

    Empty blue/grey sky, except the osprey that has wings spread edge to edge in the frame,

    Another silhouette of highrise buildings with sunset,

    Absolute Condominiums still under construction with some neat clouds above,

    Sheridan College with a cloudy sky,

    Totally blue sky with a red tailed hawk taking up about half the frame,

    A Bell Canada telecommunications radio tower and cloudy sky,

    Lake Ontario shoreline in winter with late day sun, smoke from the Hearn Generating Station and CN Tower in the distance,

    Another photo of lightening

    CN Tower and cloudy sky taken through trees at Ashbridges Bay,

    Sunset with cloud shape that reminds me of the battle cruisers in Star Wars,

    Cityscape from a bridge on Bathurst St, looking along rail right of way to CN Tower with blue sky and white clouds,

    Sailboat in Inner Harbour with a cloudy sky background,

    Nine snowbirds, smoke on, in a clear blue sky, just past the top of their loop,

    Another seagull in a blue sky with just the edge of the sun causing lens flare, it was a featured photo,

    A water bomber dropping water, and same plane flying level,

    Chevron stunt plane with smoke on,

    Snowbirds flying away from the camera, trailing planes have smoke on,

    A very saturated sunset with silhouette of city,

    CN Tower standing between a couple of condos or office towers, with its lights on, dark blue sky,

    Some white clouds in sun, with blue sky,

    Another elevated view of a long street stretching off toward sunset,

    Three of fireworks in black night sky,

    Five more of planes at an airshow.

    I’m not sure if all of these would qualify as just shots of the sky, but the sky is a fairly dominant element.  I didn’t count, seems like quite a few.  If I took another I liked, I would still put it up.  I get a fair number of unsolicited comments, so far no one has said “Wow!  You have too many photos with sky in them!”






    Hi all, I just joined.

    When I bought an Olympus C8080WZ last year, I started learning photography in earnest. It’s a good direction in my life and I think I can go far with it, but there’s way too much for me to grasp in such a short time; it’s absurd to hear people urging me to start my own business.
    I enjoy it, and I have sold some better-than-my-average pictures, but please! I was never particularly ambitious before, so I wonder what causes people to suddenly imagine I’m this savvy entrepreneur.
    Besides I’m slow to apply theory. It’s easier to simply go on a day trip and shoot everything that catches my eye rather than hurt my brain with a lot of ‘to-do’s’.
    Also due to moderate-to-severe arthritis I’m on a disability income, greatly precluding such purchases as external flash, reflectors, a high-end DSLR with extra lenses, etc..  but I still have fun and that, for me at present, is the reward.

    I would welcome critiques, since there’s no way I’m improving without guidelines in the form of others’ reactions.

    I’m supposed to do this portrait shoot for a local musician, and I’m TERRIFIED. She knows I’m amateur so that’s not the reason; the lady has an imposing presence and a quick, decisive manner. It’s truly a ‘get-it-right-the-first-time’, or at least that’s how I’m responding to it. However, I’m thrilled she wants me to do this.

    Any pointers are most welcome.  🙂  If it’s about technique, I’m all ears. Where money is concerned, tho’, I probably can’t do much about it at the moment, but it will be taken under advisement for sure.  All thoughts are valid; yes, even the negative ones. It doesn’t take away my joy!




    OH, and in response to the “Cannon” camera, just gives extra meaning to ‘photo shoot’.

    RUN AWAYYYYYYyyyyyy…  (sorry, too much Monty Python recently)


    Hi Kimera,

    This forum doesn’t get a ton of traffic, so hopefully someone will respond. Photography is a hobby for me, so I don’t really critique, but I would say just keep at it. There are a lot of great, free online sites that offer tips (like: http://digital-photography-school.com/) and videos. But really, even on the videos they tell you to get out there and practice,which sounds like what you are doing

    ps. I love Monty Python 😉


    Kim, I looked at some of your work. Your strong point is that you seem to like to catch the moment, and you see something in everyday life. But you’re severely limited to the technology (or lack thereof) at the moment, and should not advertise yourself as a photographer for hire. Do as Katie says and engross yourself in learning more about photography from the basics up. Also try shadowing photogs in your area, maybe not many people are up for that, but it would be a great way to learn and maybe get a chance to try out some good equipment. You don’t want to go the “wrong” route and start up a business without first taking the necessary steps, or you’ll be displeased with yourself down the road and could give yourself a name as a fauxtog.


    Hello, thanks for the feedback!
    I completely agree with you; there’s too much I don’t know yet, and that’s why I’m not advertising services. The musician who wants portraits has decided to have me do it so I get a bit of experience (and a wee fee doesn’t hurt).
    When people ask for pictures it’s always been because they liked my other work, and if they want to give  me money for a pic I already took, that’s okay with me!  🙂    I make sure they know that I’m still learning on an entry level.

    That said, I appreciate the comment about seeing something in everyday life. That’s mainly what I enjoy. Viewing the results on the computer is like opening presents!

    I did approach a wedding photographer to ask if I could come along as an assistant; I could watch and participate without horning in on her gig.

    Thanks again,


    Hi Katie,
    I’ve seen that website and there’s soooooo much I want to know all at once, it’s daunting to try breaking that down to some degree of sense. As I say I’m slow to apply knowledge and theory.
    I may reach a point where I decide to be content with being a hobbyist, instead of heaping all this obligation on myself and getting stressed about it.

    Going out to take pictures is the way I embrace life.


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