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    Yes, that one. The sad thing is, it looks like she has been at it awhile and has not improved in the least bit.


    What is a ‘semi-pro’?


    Semi pro: A tog that knows their work is crap anyone could make if they handed them their camera and software, but still wants to charge people and/or pretend they are in business providing a professional service.

    or people that want their cake and want to eat it too.

    Semi pro is just a nicer sounding label than fauxtographer.  They give themselves this label, to help them sleep better at night


    Thanks. Thats what I thought it meant.


    Semi-pro: Not doing it full-time. That’s what I’m referring to. I think realitycheck has some kind of personal vendetta against me, likes to instigate drama or something, since I call myself a semi-pro. Because at this time I don’t do photography full-time. Again, no one has ever thought my images were that of a “fauxtographer,” and clearly my work is not crap. Go ahead and had “anyone” my equipment, see if they would have any clue how to use it. (Still thinking you’re confusing me with someone else…) Where’s your portfolio, realitycheck?


    If you’re not doing it full time then you’re an amateur/hobbyist, etc. Nothing wrong with that, but don’t call it what it isn’t. You’re implying that you provide professional results on a part-time basis. Your photos are remarkably average.

    Photography isn’t my main source of income (in fact I wouldn’t consider it a source of income for me at all) and I know my way around a camera and a strobe, but I would never call myself a ‘semi-pro’. That sounds pretentious. You’re either a pro or you’re not. There isn’t an in-between.

    There isn’t anything terrible about your work, but I wouldn’t associate it with anything involving ‘pro’.


    Ha. Here’s some remarkably average images for you then.  And no, I’m not only a hobbyist. Do I have some things to improve on? Of course. I’ll never stop improving.





    Newleyweds Melissa & Nick

    Nick and Melissa, ceremony






    Doesn't get much prettier than this.

    Washed Up

    Oxford Train Depot



    I saw most of those photos before I called you remarkably average and that I wouldn’t associate ‘pro’ with your work. After seeing the same photos again, I stand by that statement.

    You’re an amateur who does decent (read: average) work. Certainly not a faux. That’s all. I hold myself at that level as well. My point from the first time I responded to this thread is that there is no such thing as ‘semi-pro’.


    I beg to differ. It COULD be a matter of opinion, but upon quick research online many sites define a semi-pro (not just in photography) as one who derives some income but not enough to make a living off of, but is not an amateur.

    Though this term can be used loosely I suppose, since a person could have the nicest camera, lenses, and software, but shoot 10 horrible sessions a week (with the camera on auto, out of focus, underexposed, etc) at $50 a pop and burn a disk with horribly edited jpegs and possibly make a “living” off of it, thus calling themselves a professional, even though they aren’t producing quality work. There’s about two dozen people in my town alone doing just that.


    Agree to disagree, then. I contend that it sounds pretentious and especially in photography, implies that you possess some degree of skill or knowledge, which may or may not be true. If it makes you happy to consider yourself some sort of professional, when you just partly engage in a profession, have at it.

    I’ve shot weddings, headshots, portraits, etc and have earned some income with it. I still wouldn’t call myself any sort of ‘pro’ for the reasons stated above.


    Oops!  So the thread reads “shit fauxtog s say” I see Arizona chimed in with his remarks “What is  a semi pro”. I see this one being said a lot, by a lot of serious offenders.  I added my 2 cents, even though I wasn’t following this thread and reading all the posts within.  I sincerely was not addressing Brown at all, just handing over my first thought to “semi pro”. Ya know that whole “learn to be pro as you go” mentality.

    So there ya go, an honest first reaction from a stranger.  No, you’re not a fauxtog Brown, but a lot of your behavior is like one.  I’m an enthusiast, hobbiest, amateur… I have sold some photographs, but I don’t sell photography services, aka portraits or event photography.  I’m not in business, and don’t plan to be any time soon.  I’ll leave that up to the pros and semi pros


    LOL!  How I hate the “Professional” and “Amateur” labels.  “Semi-pro” is even worse!  “Part-time-pro” is no better.  Not saying anything about anyone’s work, just the labels.

    I have a long list of photographers who’s work I think is wonderful.  Some of them are “amateurs” and some of them are “professionals”.  The best photos of insects that I have seen were done by a gentleman who took them for the love of doing it (definition of amateur) and put them up on pBase.  They are gorgeous.    I have also seen a lot of terrible photos and sadly, some of that work was done by “professionals”.

    It is sad that some people equate amateur with inferior quality and professional with superior quality, when the definitions are:  amateurs do it for love and professionals do it for money.  Either group can do it well, or badly.


    “It is sad that some people equate amateur with inferior quality”  AMEN!

    and why can’t people allow themselves to be an amateur/hobbyist/enthusiast and have a little pride that goes with it, and just enjoy the craft?  It’s almost as though there is this instant pressure on people to charge and open up shop as soon as they get their new camera out of the box.  Get that website up, start a facebook page, get a logo going, make up a price list, and learning how to photograph will come later.  I’m not joking.  One week after getting my newest camera, I had friends telling me just that.  Luckily I’m pretty self aware lol  Still to this day people are relentless about me going pro  LMAO.  “Glad you like my recent photo of a lady bug, but I’m going to have to decline the offer to shoot your wedding for money” or “So pleased you liked and purchased one of my finished landscape photographs, but I’m afraid I can’t take pictures of your newborn for you next week” (honest convos that have taken place with me) LOL  it’s so silly out there right now.  Hopefully with time things will calm down, and maybe resemble some sort of “normal” again some day.  or then again, maybe some of the togs out there are right and it’s the beginning of the end of professional photography.


    I understand what you mean by equating amateur vs professional with bad vs. good. The reason I said for myself that I consider myself semi-pro is because while I do some hobby work, I also make SOME money from it. Getty has chosen a handful of my non-portrait work off of Flickr and I’ve licensed those through them, though I have yet to make money with that.

    With the junk out there it just puts more pressure (which in this sense, a good thing) for photographers to really strive to do the best work they can so that they are remarkably better than shoot-and-burn fauxtographers.

    I know a few people who got a camera as a gift and then made their facebook page- lol. When I was in college I had a crappy DSLR but it still did the job for my class. The first class I took I had to buy an old film SLR, it was good to learn the basics on and I still enjoy shooting some in film occasionally.



    To get back on topic…

    I just saw this: http://i46.tinypic.com/15rd1qx.jpg

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