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    thanks for getting us back on topic Sarah 🙂


    The about page of a local boasts “I am a new and upcomming photographer in the ____ County Area. I do not use photoshop, what you see is real and raw photos. I do edit photos, but as little as possible.”
    And yet all her pictures have very strange colors and selective coloring.   The worst offense is her “the face behind the camera” picture that shows her with an obvious mustache.  Yikes!



    No problem enchantedkatie =)


    10 months?!!!  That’s slow these days

    A faux that came here to ask THE question recently, had a rant on her FB wall about learning photography first before charging.  “People starting businesses before they even open their camera box!”  Or something to that effect.  She was seriously irked, and trying to “teach” her clients what photography really entails.  Then she went on to explain that she worked with her camera for a whole 6 months before she started charging, and made sure she knew what she was doing before she went into business.  LMBO  I wish I could remember which one so you all could be entertained by it as well, but for the life of me, I just plain cant remember.


    Well, if you really have to put in 10,000 hours to become expert at something, that’s just under 5 years worth of 40 hour weeks.  Of course, if you just take the same photo over and over, a million times, you may not learn that much.  Someone with aptitude who is shooting a variety of things may learn a lot more in less time.

    Some people can get a lot from reading a manual but I am always amused when I get on a long haul flight and someone is on the plane reading their camera manual.  On your way to an expensive vacation is not the time to figure out how your camera works.  It would be even worse if they were on their way to a job.  I like to get camera gear a couple of months before I expect to need it and try to wear it out while waiting for the event.   Sometimes everything goes smoothly but as with the last lens I purchased, sometimes adjustment is required… Better to find out ahead of time so there is no panic while waiting for the repair shop.  Then again, I am the proud owner of a Nikon FM-10 because I went to Hong Kong without a camera!  When I saw the way their buildings were decorated for Christmas I knew leaving my gear at home was a mistake so I popped into a camera store.  I ran a roll of film through it in Hong Kong Park and an hour later had proof it was working properly.   For the rest of the trip, Kodak Express did a wonderful job of  processing and printing for me.  We could drop off film on our way to the hotel and pick up prints for family and friends in the morning.  On more recent trips they have done that for us with digital files.

    Photography has a whole spectrum of experiences.  If you shoot some commercial work, you can spend weeks planning the shoot and take days to do the shoot.  At the other end of the spectrum is weddings, news and sports; you either get the shot or you don’t.  A lot of photography falls between the extremes and with digital you can chimp to see if you got what you want and re-shoot.  Portraits and engagement photos fall into this area.  Digital has definitely made some things easier, and other things more difficult.


    I carry my camera manual and read it now and then. I use and know maybe 80% of my camera’s capabilities, but most people won’t use 10% of their cameras. But that’s mostly okay… because they can get 90% of what they want to do with that 10% of it’s capability.

    While you obviously will want your photographer to know how to use a particular function before you pay him for it, it’s a good thing for everyday people to learn and try new things with their own cameras even if it was unknown before the flight. If nothing else, it’ll demonstrate how it takes a wide breadth of knowledge and a lot of previous reading to know how to do particular shots.


    Here’s what fauxtographers’ friends say: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4742696373207&set=a.1570915400665.215430.1468896263&type=1&theater

    She’s one of the worst fauxtogs who is somewhat local to me.

    I know I like to use dutch angles at times, but this is the worst use and degree of dutch angle ever. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2304798467283&set=a.1570915400665.215430.1468896263&type=3&theater

    Here’s a post from her page:

    “i wanted to take the time to say thank you for convincing me to pursue my photography ..i am having a great time and i have enjoyed all my sessions and meeting new people! Once again THANK YOU ..you are all terrific and i look forward to many more GREAT sessions!!!”

    You should not need to be convinced to pursue photography.

    Another one:

    “Family? Pets? Friends? Weddings? I’ll do everything! Just get ahold of me and work a date out(:”

    Here’s her business page. https://www.facebook.com/alteredrealityphotos?ref=ts&fref=ts


    Oh dear, here’s another page I had mentioned once before. Her most recent post… jaw-dropping. I had to read the last session description a few times before I realized that “maturity photos” were not elderly person portraits; rather, she meant “maternity photos.” don’t know how you can butcher that one so badly.


    Please someone comment on her post, I don’t want to do so myself since I live only a few blocks from her!


    “Love when I spend almost an hour on a picture and my computer freezes and I have to do it allll overreact again… Love it!”

    The typos make it even better. But seriously, an hour…on one photo?


    A September 17 post included:  “Autumn is vastly approaching”



    I have spent an hour editing a photo before. Granted, it was with CS2 on a PowerBook that had been dropped so many times that it took 5 minutes+ to crop an image, 10 minutes+ to apply curves, etc. Maybe we can hope that is her issue, too?


    Gnork- Maybe…. might help to know that all her photos are way over-processed (to the point where facial features are lost) and a lot of them are 2 photos of the same person put together into one photo, and not in a good way.


    Ah. She probably does spend an hour on each photo, then.


    tis’ the season for kids and parents to get ripped off on Senior photos! More and more kids sharing their pictures and the horrific prices they paid! You do NOT have to pay $300 for shots that every other kid uses or have your almost adult child hold infant blocks stating “2013” don’t get ripped off. Just ask

    Then… on their wall afterward, they posted an e card that says “So glad we went with the cheapest photographer we could find”  said no one ever.

    I think this is called “bipolar marketing”?


    Lol who’s this fauxtog the last couple posts are talking about? I didn’t see those words on the ones I posted about, now I’m curious…

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