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    i saw this guy post about his photography. i don’t know anything about him really but i saw a bunch of people saying they love his work and that it’s amazing…..what are they seeing that i’m not?



    Hi everyone, I am Shelby. This is my photo that I took of my cousin. I think she is very beautiful my personal opinion!(: I may have edited this photo wrong, but who cares I am learning! I made my Facebook page, “Shelby Lynn’s Photography” to show my work off and everything not to make money, but then people started offering to pay me so it didn’t bother me one bit because I am using the money to buy better quality things…then this is where all of you people get it wrong, IF SOMEONE IS GOING TO ASK ME HOW MUCH I CHARGE I give them a reasonable price for my work which I am pretty confident in right now because I am still learning. I save the money and I plan on buying things with it such as a better camera, I really want the Photo Shop Elements 11 -I think that is what it called- but it is $130.00 and I have to save that money! If people did not think my work was decent enough to pay for it then they wouldn’t be doing it. Your opinions were okay until you put all over my page like you are trying to embarrass me or make fun of my work. PRIVATE MESSAGE ME, go ahead you can do it now I will take your advice but remember I have to work for my money and the things I want so don’t tell me what I need to get because right now I work with what I can afford and what I have to use! Don’t make fun of my work, it is no where near hard to just say “hey Shelby your pictures aren’t perfect but here is some ideas and tips that you could consider using” I got a message yesterday morning when I woke up and the woman said my pictures suck and I just need to give up and go work at McDonalds -__-..uhm, no I am going to make something of myself. For everybody’s information I did not what so ever call myself professional! I let everyone know my age, that I am unlicensed, I will give you the amount of pictures you deserve for not being LICENSED & 15! I am not calling my page a business, if it says it anywhere on my page just please explain to me how to remove it or change it. When I turn 18 and graduate in two years I will go to school for it, trust me! I AM ABSOLUTELY SORRY to anyone that I offended or did something wrong too. I would also like to apologize for my family, they were just taking up for someone in their family. That’s what family does down here, especially when it is like 20 to 1. Just take my cousin’s picture off this page and I will be glad to go take a picture of a squirrel or something and let y’all put it on here. My family was being immature I will admit but so were most of you! I do not know how to work any of this and the ONLY reason I made an account thing for this was to apologize and be the bigger person since apparently everything seems to be my fault in all of this. I am tired of listening to the bull. If I spelled anything wrong, or my grammar is wrong, I am sorry! By the way just because we from a small town does not mean we are incest. No, we keep our distance and that is a promise. I am from Oklahoma but I have lived in Louisiana since I was 6 years old. Well I am tired so anybody that has any advice for me, I am going to be honest, I will greatly appreciate it and I will not mind one bit if you private messaged me on Facebook without being rude and dissing my images that I literally tried my best on, and giving me some tips. I will use them! (: THANKSS & Goodnight.




    I’m not sure what impresses me more; the baby looking at the ‘hidden’ assistant or their hand holding the frame…






    matt: i’m most impressed that they didn’t spot color inside the frame, to be honest, ha.

    found a couple more lovelies as well while looking around tonight (editing procrastination, i’m tired).




    DaddysGirl97, that’s quite the rant!  My view of Facebook does not find     Shelby Lynn’s Photography     and I don’t see a link to “This is my photo that I took of my cousin.” in your rant, above.  If my assumption is correct and Sideways Tracks on the main page here is the photo you are talking about, then unfortunately, many things are wrong, as has already been pointed out.  Your model is not posed to best advantage; train tracks have been done to death; a chair on the tracks?  Why?; your model is in shade but squinting, and the background is really bright; your model has “raccoon eyes”, which is to say they are in pretty deep shadow, almost black, while the rest of the face is much brighter; if the model’s pants are jeans, OK, my wife has denim pants in almost every colour, but if they are blue jeans, why are they black?

    I’m running out of time, so enough about what’s wrong.

    Are you even allowed to work at McDonald’s before you are 16?  You may be in the great position of having a summer free in another month and a bit.

    Some things to do:

    Open a Flickr account.  Facebook is not the platform for photos, and they have terrible terms as well as defective security.  Flickr is not ideal, but it is a better platform for photos and you can put up 200 for free.  The price is right!  Another photo sharing site is 500px, but they have higher standards.  Go there to look at the photos, try to emulate them.  Look at the light, and shadow.  Figure out where it falls and why.

    Download and install GIMP.  You have time when school finishes to research how to use it.  There is a steep learning curve but it has Photoshop power and again, the price is right.

    There are thousands of YouTube videos to help improve your photography.  Look at the ones by B&H Photo & The Grid.  Scott Kelby Training used to have a giveaway program, the first 20 or so to sign up just past mid-night got a day’s worth of free viewing.  The only cost was staying up late to sign up.  Check to see if you can still do that.

    Got to go.  Good luck.


    dont laugh too hard at these:


    Mend: Holy crumpets those are…. wow…

    I’m new to this site and while I don’t claim to be a pro, I think I’m better than many I have seen on here (I haven’t always been!) but I think if anyone were to see my early learning phases they would probably laugh just as hard. I mean… super bad. I have a page I want to share with you all and a little background on it.

    I live in Colorado, and due to our landscapes and tourist-y locations, there are “photographers” everywhere. It’s a VERY saturated market. I met this woman and her husband while working a booth at a local Women’s Expo. They were a friendly enough couple but the husband was a tad pushy to try and get people interested in his wife’s photography business. I felt it was courteous to take a look at what they had to offer and smiled and nodded pleasantly (maybe a smidge zombie-like) as he pulled up her website on his Kindle.


    This woman, that had spent the last ten minutes boasting about her gear to me (after I said to her that I loved photography and I was learning on a Rebel T3i with a handful of lenses) had some of the most poorly composed work I had seen in a paid local. I was surprised but then quickly realized it was why she had no prints on her table or anything else showcasing her work but her husband’s kindle!
    It made me sad, that someone like me who is learning and growing, lusts after fast glass and a full frame camera (I recently got a KILLER deal on a 5D from work and have been readjusting to full frame – I adore it!) and this woman just won’t take the time to learn. She had told me she had been shooting for years and had a degree in it. She even boasted “There’s not much else for me to learn. Maybe I’ll start teaching workshops next year!”

    Needless to say, it makes my heart heavy. Not that she’s bad, but that she thinks she has nothing left to learn… when clearly she’s got a lot of opportunities ahead of her to grow.


    I guess I can’t edit twice, bummer.

    She has updated her site since I met her about 8 months ago. Some of the work has improved, however, some of the original “portfolio” work is one there. Look specifically at the ones of the family in their kitchen and the ones of the family outside their home (in like, a community area I think). Those were the ones that really surprised me. Oh yes, there is a token selective color one as well.


    Shelby, Photoshop Elements is actually only $60.  http://www.amazon.com/Adobe-65193986-Photoshop-Elements-11/dp/B0093FROMA/ref=sr_1_1_ha?ie=UTF8&qid=1367785921&sr=8-1&keywords=photoshop+elements+11

    As for people being immature – that does not apply to anyone in this thread.  Maybe yes to some others on the photo’s posting, but not here, where you are now addressing people.  Also, none of us have the permission to take down your photo, nor did we post it.

    Might I suggest you stop with all filters and extra editing to pictures.  Until you can get them right “au naturale” anything you do to them is just going to make them look like crap.


    iliketag – that’s pretty pathetic.  I mean, if you’re advertising your photography in a situation like that, people are going to want to SEE it.  I always find that the ones that brag the most about their equipment are either fauxtogs or photogs who are a*******.


    In other news, the other day I came across the FB page of the woman who did my sister’s wedding photos.  I was in the wedding so I couldn’t do it and I found this woman online and hired her.  She did a really good job on the photos and we were happy with them.  Two years later, she did the wedding of an acquaintance of mine and they were not happy.  They’d asked if I could maybe clean some of the images up but never got back to me about it later.  I think they were largely unhappy with the huge shadows on the wall behind them.  I’d been at the wedding and thought it was strange how she was shooting at that time, I couldn’t remember if she’d done my sister’s wedding the same way.  Anyway, now it’s over 3 years after that and I find that she’s been through a name change and I swear, things on her FB page and website have horrified me.  Is it possible to get worse after you’ve been in business for 5 years!?


    And, at Rizzo… ACK ANOTHER one from my hometown area.  Makes me want to cry!


    iliketag: you do realize how fucking gay music is on photography pages, right..


    seth, i have more. lots more. it’s like the “birds of a feather” thing. they come in droves.



    Eesh, each one worse than the one before!!  Well, I think SissieMoes kinda takes the cake.


    oh yes, she’s special. my husband’s niece was a “second shooter” for sissie moe this weekend, but i just feel kind of wrong putting her page on here, haha. i guess since i didn’t try to encourage her to go right out and start charging people, she found someone who would. i tried to explain the steps to becoming a GOOD photographer but in this age of spray & pray/shoot & burn, being a legal business is irrelevant. :/


    geeze.  Well I guess the rest of us can only hope that in time quality will win out over cheap quantity everywhere.


    What’s really crazy is it’s not hard to learn to do things properly.  I honestly don’t know what is wrong with people these days.  Not just in photography, but everywhere…  people just suck.  They all want the easy way out, the lame-assed way to go.

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