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    Thank you for the information and resources. I will let you know how it goes! In the meantime.. I may continue to just lurk like I have been doing thus far! Hoping to not end up on this page 😉 I cleaned out of my computer and moved photos to a portable drive.. and man, 3 years ago I thought I was doing AWESOME on Auto… Those photos were horrible. Who was I kidding!?  How are they now – better. But not there yet! Maybe one day I will be brave enough to share my ‘page’!


    I don’t expect much noise difference between a T2i, T3i or T4i.  Noise in a 5D Mk III is better.  Noise comparison between a T2i and 5D Mk III is here: http://cameraclicker.com/Compare/MoreNoise2/Noise_5D_Mk_III.htm

    A T2i can take clean photos to ISO 6400 if lighting is good, this was taken at ISO 6400: http://cameraclicker.com/galleries/g16/m/pages/2011-07-08_10-16-38_IMG_6440.htm

    Based on what I’ve taken with the 5D, I think the Mk III could take as clean a shot at ISO 12800, and a stop is a stop.  Plus it is full frame.  Glass costs more, the body costs more, results are better but you pay quite a bit more for that extra stop and the space around the APS-C sensor.  Auto-focus is much better too so if you need quick accurate focus it is worth the difference in cost and weight for many applications.


    browneyedgirl89, the camera in http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=518585648160992&set=a.518096754876548.124168.197009860318574&type=3&theater, looks like a 5D Mk III, it has 4 buttons in front of the LCD on top, and the m-fn button by the shutter release, plus the power switch is a slide behind the mode dial.  It looks like a Sigma lens.  But as the question goes, if that is her camera, what is she shooting with?  Unless she has a spare?



    I think you’re right- I just compared the photo to my 5DII and there are a few slight differences. I haven’t really been up close and personal to a MkIII yet. And you’re probably right about the lens too, my larger Sigma lens has a hood in that shape. She must have multiple cameras she’s shooting with. This image looks like it was taken with a wide-angle lens also due to the slight distortion. Also notice, she tagged another photographer on the camera itself that the little girl is holding, so maybe that camera is borrowed from her photographer friend? Who knows. As long as she’s improving I would not consider her a fauxtog, but I did not like my cousin’s wedding photos from a few years ago, for the most part, from a technical standpoint. She had some decent ones but EVERY image was at a severe dutch angle and her white balance was just too orange. A handful were not in very sharp focus. Here is their album: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.285450474807845.76508.197009860318574&type=3  I was not in attendance at the wedding, if I were, I probably would have noticed a lot of things like her equipment or how she was posing people that would have driven me nuts, lol. It was weird though, they also were tagged in more wedding photos that were done by another pro photog alongside this KA Photography. I think KA might have hired on another as a 2nd shooter, but that other one had their own images uploaded with their own watermark, and I can’t seem to find them anymore. Their images were much better. I thought it was strange that the 2nd shooter had much better work than the primary shooter.

    I’ve looked at her more recent work and she seems to have vastly improved, at least with her studio work… looks like the majority are babies/kids. I didn’t look through all her albums but a few of them are so-so while a few are pretty good.

    Mrs Woo

    @cameraclicker & browneyed girl – I suspect the camera in that picture is a 7D because it has a very similar layout to the 5DIII (which I want to upgrade to), but if you look, there is a little line around the hotshoe – that is because the 7D has pop-up flash available (which at least is convenient to run off-camera flash until you buy radio triggers) and the 5DIII does not.  I can’t be sure if it is a Sigma or Tamron lens – I think they both have gold rings on some of their lenses, don’t they?

    Hate to admit it, but I love camera gear.  I’m blessed to have what I do already.  Now I have to either sell my novels or start selling pictures (hubby won’t let me do portrait or event photography) because he says he’s given me enough money for camera equipment already.  ~sigh~

    Only another five or six grand and I would have my minimum kit finished?  Only another $30K for my dream kit… LOL

    Oh well, there’s always something if you let yourself go too crazy.  🙂


    One thing I forgot to mention, is that in the photo it looked as if the mode dial was set on the green square “auto” setting… Though they probably set it to that so the little girl could just shoot and have fun. I hope she’s not shooting on auto!


    Blah! Found this photographer. I found her page because she shot the wedding of a girl I know. I did not like their photos. Very lackluster, dark, poor white-balance, many were grainy. Upon scrolling through her albums I found another wedding album that confused me because a photographer friend of mine ALSO shot their wedding. The first one’s photos were no good. Blurry, poor white balance, etc. So I messaged my friend and asked her who this other photog was. She told me it was just some random girl who was a guest at the wedding and brought her camera, and then kind of got in the way and used the photos for her own portfolio, and wasn’t paid at all! My friend’s photos were a lot better, though it was at the start of her photography career so even hers had some technical issues but for the most part were pretty good. The ceremony was shot in what looks like a window-less dark church with red velvet everything. Not exactly the idea setting for any photographer.

    And, hey, she calls herself an “LLC’ so here’s an example of a true business that is not producing quality work. (Who knows if she’s actually an LLC or if she just calls herself that!)



    I just wanted to add that the first link Bekka Gene has this posted:

    Maturity photos
    Includes CD with Copyright and 8X11 Memory book from beginning to end. Final photo a family photo with new addition
    Last 2 session father and siblings are welcomed to be photoed with mom.

    I hope when I retire I can get this deal…


    Lol yeah, “maturity” photos. When I first saw that one, I had to read it over a second time to make sure my contact lenses didn’t just dry up.

    All these fauxtographers, at least the really bad ones, also seem to have horrible grammar/spellings skills and terrible abilities at graphic design. It’s like there’s an “anti-artistic” gene they all share.


    Mrs Woo:  Good observation, I did not notice the line across the pentaprism at the hot shoe.


    It’s so funny. I know of a fauxtographer and I can’t even deal with it. I’m not even a photographer! I’m a newspaper editor. I hire photographers to take photos for me because I know I’m not good at it. And that’s just for the newspaper! She edits, photoshops, vignettes, over saturates everything! take a look……



    And if you are posting in the “Am I a Fauxtog” then yes you are….or you are just fishing for compliments.


    I go to bridal shows as a printer because my family is in the printing business so I go to help my dad out. Anyway this photographer said at a show that this image was made orange by the printer and she had to fire her printer (haha). My dad knew better.


    I don’t think its right to reveal who this person is because they are regulars at a bridal show that is held at a venue right across the street from our print shop / photography studio who is very good about sending brides to us for both services.


    “All these fauxtographers, at least the really bad ones, also seem to have horrible grammar/spellings skills and terrible abilities at graphic design. It’s like there’s an “anti-artistic” gene they all share.”

    I have always been really bad at spelling =(

    I really hate that most people think bad spelling / grammar = unprofessional.


    “I really hate that most people think bad spelling / grammar = unprofessional.”


    Are you saying that someone who doesn’t put time into what they’re saying is professional?

    I whole-heartily agree that someone who claims to be a professional should act as a professional, which means proper spelling/grammar.

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