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    Good free image host anyone? Print screens don’t lie! I’d like to show those I got from these two ladies.



    Also, anyone good enough with a photo editing program can make a print screen lie. EXIF information is easily changed =)


    I usually browse this forum while listening to music or morning comedy shows but this morning I actually had to pause it in order to concentrate enough to half way understand the incoherent ramblings of Justine’s many personalities. This poor young woman needs some serious mental help. I can only hope that her irrational thoughts and actions displyed here translates to her “real life” and someone close to her makes a stand to get her the help she needs.

    Justine, mental illness is no longer taboo and getting the help you need will only make your life, and the life of your son, happier and healthier. Please look into getting counseling, at the very least, before something awful happens.


    Domilyne – for things such as screenshots of internet fights, Tinypic works well.  Don’t even have to sign up.


    If I get these out of order of their intention please correct me. I understand also sir that print screens can be faked, however coming from someone who cannot even edit their own photos I doubt it.

    Justine, you have more than one profile, here is just 3 and not including those you have that are NOT in your name: http://imageshack.us/a/img94/4681/irji.png

    Is this the Ms. Craig you are referring to? It appears here you followed her: http://imageshack.us/a/img820/461/cfp9.png

    I believe this is you, not leaving their page alone but rather bad mouthing them or advertising your page on their page. I could care less about this but for the sake of showing your dishonesty I thought I would show these as well. Let me also add this is tacky for any business owner or aspiring owner to do:




    Here I feel you what you are doing is harassment not the other way around. If they were bothering me so bad I do not know that I would comment on their page but rather I would be contacting facebook: http://imageshack.us/a/img849/526/46xa.png

    Why would you enter a contest on a page you are trying so desperately to get away from, one that is harassing you so much?



    When a website or page purposely spells something wrong to see if you will copy it, the smart thing to do would be to spell everything properly before you do copy and use it on your page: http://imageshack.us/a/img707/8105/g991.png

    This is an awful low of trouble for someone to have to go through to get away from you and cut off communication, seems to me like you might be harassing them as this list apparently consists of mostly your family and your alternate profiles:




    Lastly I wold like to say that Justine here not only rips off images but webpage designs as well, girl if you are going to do this at least remove their link:






    I received more but I do not think they pertain to this as they are more personal in nature. Screens of her sister telling these ladies to call the cops on her sister to get her help because she needs it desperately, personal messages, screens of them banning her and her profiles and somehow they relike the page, etc.

    This poor young woman needs some serious mental help. I can only hope that her irrational thoughts and actions displyed here translates to her “real life” and someone close to her makes a stand to get her the help she needs.

    Justine, mental illness is no longer taboo and getting the help you need will only make your life, and the life of your son, happier and healthier. Please look into getting counseling, at the very least, before something awful happens.


    I am going to have to agree with you here. I live about 45 minutes away from Justine, according to her business page but I would be willing even to help her get to these appointments and get the help she needs.


    I also fell on this a moment ago which would suggest that you are still viewing their page. My gosh, I mean I am sure they are grateful for the share but seriously, leave them alone… lol I am not sure I understand the logic here? This is why I also believe that the girl going by the “Bitch” username here is Justine. To me it seems she shared their page here for others to get on to them and lay off of her. (She linked “Bitch”‘s post on their page under the Marissa username and told them to hurry here and see that others were talking about them, which subsequently brought me here) We have women here giving photography away to the low income people and not charging anyone, I do not see a problem really, if they are faux, oh well, they aren’t charging so..



    This shit is better then daytime soaps. Now we just need a long lost evil twin to show up /eats popcorn


    Oh My God.  lmao  This is priceless!


    OKay. now everyone else look me up. I only use Justine Danielle Parrish. The other two are gone! NEXT.

    http://imageshack.us/a/img94/4681/irji.png so Lie 1.

    & That was before everything happen.  http://imageshack.us/a/img820/461/cfp9.png & That FACEBOOK is GONE!!!!!! SO Lie 2.

    FACEBOOK is gone.. Lie 3.




    Because they keep harassment I have the papers. NEXT & That is gone too.


    & That Facebook is GONE.




    http://imageshack.us/a/img707/8105/g991.png Now if you Look on my page. it is GONE!. NEXT. That has been gone for some wile now.


    It’s Not up to me what My FAMILY does to go through & Help me not to get harassed. That just shows that my FAMILY LOVES ME! its that so Bad? & Some is Not yet my Family the one with the Last name Parrish?? I Mean what have they done?




    If you look it up this is what your call FREE Web PAGE maker. IT’s that a CRAM??





    So, I don’t need help & with the hole

    “Justine, mental illness is no longer taboo and getting the help you need will only make your life, and the life of your son, happier and healthier. Please look into getting counseling, at the very least, before something awful happens.”

    My Son is the Most HAPPIEST & HEALTH-EST BABY I know if you or anyone meet him YOU would know.

    So thanks for Trying.

    I have my Family that Like to Back me up. & They will More then Likey be on here Latter. Cause all off this is getting printed out.






    And at Domilyne.

    I don’t know you, So why would I want help from you when I have my Family & My Soon to be husband’s Family to help me?

    I mean Really?


    This is who I have blocked list.


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    Magpies Photos Unblock


    You blocked me on Facebook yet you requested to be my contact on Flickr? I did not add you mainly because I think you will try to use it against me in some way. If your intention was what I advised and to get critiques on your photos, that’s one thing. But I don’t really want to take that chance. If you actually want to start a thread in these forums and link some of your images from Flickr to a critique request, I’d gladly critique it.

    That is a pretty extensive block list. No one should have a reason to have that many people blocked.

    You have basically incriminated yourself by re-linking those screenshots of you harassing, stalking, posting, etc. that Domilyne originally posted. Whether or not those accounts are now gone makes no difference; you still DID and SAID those things. You can’t always cover your tracks, as people have proven to you. People will save screenshots when things go awry. What you did was extremely haste, disrespectful, desperate, and nasty. No wonder why Magpie’s and anyone associated with her want you out of their lives!

    Awhile back someone linked a website that ousted copyright infringers here. It basically calls out photo thieves and gets them to finally fess up and apologize. But that damage has already been done. They’ve ruined their business futures and in some cases ruined their lives due to the negative publicity. And NONE of that negative publicity or people saying what they did was illegal or harassment, because it was the truth. They dug their graves. You can apologize and make excuses for your illegal and reprehensible behaviors but you’re an adult and you need to take responsibility for your actions BEFORE you do them. You can print all of this and show it to “Lawyer Bill” until you run out of breath, but the thing is, none of us have done anything illegal or what could be considered harassment. I did see a post about someone calling your phone at 1 a.m. which could be considered harassment. I don’t know who that was. MsBitch (who I’m still not sure if it’s just another one of your aliases or someone else with a potty mouth and just as bad spelling as you) went over the line in her last post.

    This is a freaking soap opera.

    Justine, I gave you some advice in a previous post. Here’s more:

    Stop. Just freeze. You’re only making it worse. Delete your alternate profiles. Delete all the photos not taken by you from your groups and pages on Facebook. (even the ones you edited and had permission from your family to do so; it’s still illegal.) Stop advertising that you will take pictures for money. (Advertising that you are offering a service for payment is being a “professional” regardless of the quality.) Post a huge public apology and say you are starting over and you’ve made mistakes. Delete your gofundme web pages asking for money. Really, it might benefit you to step away from the internet and become Amish for a month. If you have real dreams of becoming a photographer, do what I said before. Take some photos with intent and post just a few on Flickr and ask for critiques. Tell people you are building a portfolio and would like to be a professional photographer someday. Don’t charge money. Being a photographer is about providing a service to people that they cannot provide themselves- considering expertise and equipment. Why would you charge someone to take pictures of their kids with your little Panasonic Lumix point-and-shoot, when they could undoubtedly take a better photo with their iPhone? It’s not right, and it won’t get you anywhere. We’re not telling you to give up on being a photographer here.

    Worst Case Scenario

    So your idea of a fairy tale romance is when your fellow runs of with another woman after two months, but then comes back!

    And all those people have it in for you?

    So, I don’t need help & with the hole

    No, you really don’t need help digging your hole……..







    Some of those people on her block list are on her profile as “friends” lol…. It is even more silly to fake the amount of people on your block list. Alanna G. is your own alternate profile, that is proven by the police, why block your own profile? Also, that is not my name… the Domilyne one, I bet you just wrote that in there…

    Domilyne is my character from a long time ago when I used to play World of Warcraft…. not my real name.. nice try.

    I am going to have to agree with the just starting over, it would be better to just start deleting all your alternate profiles… Justine, you would find you would not need an extensive block list, if some of that is in fact true, if you would just stop harassing people. Also, I have spoke with the person who gave me the screen of her block list and she simply blocked your family so they would not contact her because she seen them arguing and defending you to your other profiles and wanted no part of it. It was a precaution. Your Mother claimed you did nothing wrong by taking the other page’s photos, and that they were public so they were free game, your sister and your mother both said you have mental problems, that is not love that is one, confusion on copyright laws and also a cry for help. Seek it, please.

    No, you do not know me, but I am extending my hand, if you do not want to take it, no harm done.


    The saying you need help is love, a cry for help, just re-read that… and I typed it wrong, my apologies 🙂

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