Blurry Is Best?

What’s black and white and blurry all over? This photo!

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  1. Had it been shot by Arbus, Liebovitz or Mary Ellen Mark we might be gushing over it. It wasn’t, and we aren’t. Bad photography can only be pulled off by photographers with renowned reputations. The rest of us have to make good pictures. This one is a bad picture.

    • No no no, none of those photographers you mention can be compared to this. Those photographers are not bad photographers, they compose their shots with meaning and thought, unlike this blurred, over exposed, sorry excuse for a snapshot. I can guarantee you do not have anything in your portfolio that compares to Arbus, Liebovitz or Mary Ellen Mark.

      • AGREE to the above (the reply, not you Steven…sorry 😉 ). There’s a huge difference between something being out of focus because you don’t know how to use the settings on your camera, and something being artistically out of focus. And it’s NOT just the focus: it’s the overexposure (because this Pro is apparently unaware of how to use any sort of lighting to compensate for bad shadows), and the very grayscale-ish black and white. I don’t claim to be perfect; I’ve shot some awful photos: but they DON’T go on my website, and they most certainly would never be given to a client.
        This photo itself doesn’t make this fauxtog a fauxtog; the fact that this was apparently her/his idea of a “shot worth showing off” is what makes this fauxtog a fauxtog!

  2. A photographer

    And a little overexposed never hurts either.

  3. Dexterra

    At Steen Webb – we would be gushing over it if it were any of those artists because they know how to take a good photo, and know how to take a bad one. You can’t pick up a paintbrush and churn out something abstract, and think it Picasso.

    Even he had to learn to draw and paint properly to be able to create his masterpieces. It’s the same with photography. Learn everything there is to know, learn all the rules, and then break them. That’s how you get recognised as an artist.

    but sadly, fauxtogs take bad photos, think they’re good and refuse to listen to reason.

  4. and i thought my eyes were going bad again…

  5. Good point Steven, very true.

  6. High key blur. Classy.

  7. These “AWAC’s” make me crazy!

  8. Hobbyist

    Hey my camera has the “grainy film” under the “art” dial too….just never thought to actually use it outside of having fun in my backyard with my daughter.

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