Layers Of Fun

Oh, so fancy.

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  1. Is that a layer? Looks almost like a projection like a kaleidoscope I used to have as a kid.
    The photograph itself isn’t bad. Pretty girl, ok exposure, pose could have been more flattering but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    • Mathieu Perry

      WOAH Ros! Its not an “OK” photograph. The fauxtog used broadside lighting, which is awesome if you want to make 99.9% of the self conscious female population pissed at you for helping them to look chubby or fat. The client NEVER wants to look like you just added 15 pounds to them. Then enter in the wonderfully bad layering of crap over her arms and this might as well be a Walmart-self-print-customer.

      • I don’t find the lighting to be all that bad… but the angle however… flat to the camera like that? Ugh…
        Not to mention the awkward head tilt… Maybe she just wants her hair to cascade over that shoulder… I don’t know, it still could have been done differently.
        I can’t even be sure what that pattern is on the weird layer… I see pearls… maybe jewels? Christmas ornaments? Either way… that was a fail overall.
        That ridiculous mirrored frame drives me nuts. I know that’s a picnik thing. My 15 year old uses it for her FB pictures.

      • As I said ‘Pose could hace been more flattering’. The technical issues with the photograph are not bad. I didn’t say it was an ‘ok photograph’. Do you read?

      • As I said ‘Pose could have been more flattering’. The technical issues with the photograph are not bad. I didn’t say it was an ‘ok photograph’. Do you read? I said the exposure was ‘ok.’
        Stupid comment system.

  2. I have seen layers done well with people – the trick is to not have the textures go over the person’s skin, especially on their face or they look weird. Unless that is the look you are going for.

    • Annoyed

      I did a beautiful layer once over a bride where the sun was right behind her eyes and just lit up her whole face. Absolutely gorgeous until I realized that the trees beneath the sun were making her look like she had a full on beard. Oh well, live and learn.

  3. Awful awful awful!! Bad idea! Horrible gloves and outfit.

  4. Wsroadrunner

    that one is just hucking forrible

  5. Hey! Where did the carrot pic go?

    • weird. it went poof. did someone complain and they took it down?

      • Probably. For some reason that carrot image struck me as one of the funniest ones that I’ve seen on here for a long time!

  6. Looks like the effect used in the 1960’s in night clubs to project psychedelic patterns on the go-go dancers. Yep, it was stupid then too.

  7. Mr. Gallery

    Nice Tats! Though

  8. Given how low the model seems to be leaning down to the camera level, I wouldn’t be surprised if she fell off her stool.

  9. OMG! Please take this person’s camera away from them before they shoot again!

  10. Hobbyist

    How bout that wrinkled backdrop? And what is on that layer anyways? Looks like Christmas ornaments, bedazzled Easter eggs, and pearls???

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