Pretty Dress, Horrible Photo

Oh just toss your baby on the bed there and I’ll get a great pic of them, I’m a pro afterall.

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  1. wow is all i got.. why dont people realize that its not a good picture.. hit the delete button

  2. Wsroadrunner

    And to think I spent all those years learning how to use correct exposure, lighting, composition, and posing people… all those years apparantly wasted.

  3. Wsroadrunner

    I guess the reverse vigenette makes it art, huh?


  4. It looks like a crime scene photograph.

  5. It’s an image of a white dress, baby is the distracting part?

    • Hobbyist

      I thought maybe, just Maybe it was a shot for the dress. But even then it’s so out of focus and soft that you can’t see the detail in the dress to really appreciate it. So that would be a big negative for the dress shot idea.

  6. Even if this were a product shot in a catalog to sell the outfit, I *still* give more emphasis to the cute baby.

  7. Anyone else thinking the plant from Little Shop of Horrors? [with the shape that dress is in?]

  8. Veronica

    I didn’t know what to expect before I scrolled to see the photo. I don’t know what to say o_o

  9. michelle

    Of course it is suppose to be a dress pictures, not a baby picture.

  10. This is so horrible that it’s awesome. Poor baby.

  11. Typical “soccer mom” shot!

  12. BurninBiomass

    Kinda looks like a baby comet.

  13. I just want to know what the client thought…badly.

  14. Christy

    ….. ummmmmmm…… WOW!! I am not a professional and I don’t claim to be, but WOW, that is BAD! Why would anyone take a picture like this? Is the subject the back side of the dress?? WOW.

  15. Wsroadrunner

    Saturate the bedspread green and we can say “4th down, time to punt”. LOL

  16. Is this baby even alive?

  17. Horrible photo and the absolute wrong dress for a baby that size. The baby can’t stand, the dress will poof out to hell and back with the baby sitting and it looks flat out awful laying. The dress is bigger than the baby!!

    The parents are at least partially to blame for this garbage and I can almost hear them saying “this dress was very expensive – make sure you get the whole dress in there, with all the dodgy beady glittery shit too! Wait, wait – don’t wrinkle the fuggin dress, mate – keep the dress straight!!!”

    Newbie photogs don’t have the confidence to tell a client to stfu or suggest changes and you end up with an awkward, terrible shot like this. If a client of mine were to bring in a little baby like this that couldn’t walk or stand and ask for shots of the dress, I’d ask them to take the dress off, put it on a tiny little hanger and proceed shoot it on a product table if it’s so damned important to them.

  18. Deacon you are absolutely correct in everything you say, especially about newbie photographers not having the stones to tell the customer no I won’t do that, or offer advice on how to make it look good. Even if that is the case, photographers need to learn how to cull their photos and selectively post their work online. You don’t need to post every single photo you take to your Facebook page or website. Some jobs you can do for a client, understand it won’t turn out well (especially if they are fussy clients), make your money and NOT post the work as samples of your photography.

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