Bare Butt Piggyback

barebutt piggyback

Nothing portrays true love like a bare butt piggyback ride down the railroad tracks!

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  1. No offense guys (or gals) but someone needs glasses there.
    That woman has a pair of shorts on. Granted, it may not look overly obvious but let’s get the call right can we?

    • I hate Fauxtography

      LMAO! I don’t think they actually thought she was naked. Just a very funny and poorly executed shot that looks like a naked rear. It’s hilarious! What were they thinking?!

    • Vincent

      When I first was scrolling down, the very initial split second thought that flashed in my head after my eyes scanned to the lower left was indeed a bare butt. Clearly not the case as the eye adjusts, but the first response is usually the correct one.

    • First time here? No one has ever accused the admin of being thorough and having an eye for detail.

      Being a clueless moron, who doesn’t know how to engage viewers or even stick to a premise..well yes..that’s made the rounds a few times..

      • VelvetEvisCostello

        Jesus Christ, pal…go fuck a stick.

  2. Yes she is wearing shorts but pretty poor choice to pick skin tone clothes for a black and white pic. It is rubbish, I find it very depressing because look so miserable. And I cannot work out what the middle picture on the right is actually meant to be.

    • It appears to be the same tree and building as in the bottom right, except zoomed in. Because nothing says “nature” like the roof and chimney of a warehouse.

  3. The ‘tog should have stopped with that head-and-shoulders shot of the couple together in the upper right. The rest are horrible enough individually but complete crap when all heaped together in a montage.

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