Witness Protection Bump

Witness Protection Baby bump

Obviously they really wanted to post their baby bump photos but needed to keep their identities a secret…

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  1. Wow – why even watermark that? On a sadder note, I am sure the “client” loved them and told the faux on facebook that they were the best photographer they have ever seen.

  2. Love the way the faux highlighted the hand to point out there is no wedding ring.

    • cameraclicker

      Can’t get excited about no wedding ring. Lots of women take off their rings when pregnant because they swell a little so the rings become uncomfortable. Other women just don’t wear a wedding ring.

  3. I’m amazed at those that watermark as well…..that, along with a crap shot is a bright neon sign that they are a #FAUXtographer. And yep, the severely uneducated client LOVES it and has probably shared it a gazillion times, gushing HIRE THIS PRO!! WE LOVE OUR AMAZING PICS! Ugh…..

  4. Hey now… If the client likes what they received, who are we to say anything?
    … Just kidding, this sucks.

  5. I’m dying to know what went through the faux mind of this pathetic excuse for a photographer. Was the exposure screwed up or was it processed to look like this or both? As with everyone else, I find it irritating to the n’th degree that anyone would love this piece of garbage to death and perpetuate the notion that a “real” photographer that charges money instead of asking for “like”s is not needed for amazing results. I’d love to see the look on the kid when he/she is twenty years old and looks at this crap. I hope he/she at least will by then know this for what it truly is, the refuse at the bottom of a pail of garbage.

  6. This is perfect for a child who is put up for adoption. Now the “new” parents can show the picture and say “this is when you were in mom’s tummy” and not lie. They can blame bad photography or lighting and the kids will never know.

  7. PhotoDon


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