Baby On A Branch

It’s like a damn Picnik explosion!

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  1. Melanie

    I especially like the teddy bear in the background!

    • It’s like geocities all over again :-/

    • Pedobe–oh wait, no. It’s just a teddy bear. With a pinwheel. Sitting next to some giant ducklings.

      God, what an excellent photo/edit.


  2. “Rock-a-by baby on a tree top”

  3. Kimmy B.

    jesus wept.

  4. I just want to know why the thought giving the baby a tail was a good idea……(I am choosing not to comment on the really bad editing….ooops guess I just did.)

  5. ROFL. This must be a joke, its hilarious.

  6. Christy

    And some people actually think this stuff is great?! Who would proudly display this on their wall! Oh, wait, the parent that gives their infant a mohawk for portraits will love it over the couch in the trailer park.

  7. Nicole

    Is ‘stupidest’ a word?

  8. Chantal

    lollllllll Really NOT a good picture!!

  9. FarFromJuneCleaver

    “So what I can do is take your baby and put it on a branch with some baby ducks and a bunch of other shit. It’s pretty awesome. I mean, who doesn’t want to see their baby on a tree branch?!”

  10. Actually find it quite amusing. I love when my pro shoots our family and gets some silly ones too, although she’s never edited them like this I think it’s fun. Something to make you laugh. I would assume the photog took normal shots too.

    • Viewer

      When “your” pro shoots your family? What, do you have them on retainer or something? I

      • ithurtswhenipee

        Of course they do. It’s not like you can find just any “pro” that will do this type of stuff…oh wait, never mind.

  11. skynigurl

    Anne Geddes, shame on you!

  12. Jilly Jay

    Is it just me or does that baby’s head look smushed on top??


  14. I love how the baby’s chin is growing into the tree limb

  15. Miss Louise

    There’s something about mary

  16. Why naked? Why do people want photos of their infants naked laying on things? Despite how awful this photo is all I can think is poor baby is going to get splinters and if it’s male, poor lil’ guy.

    • and yes I’m aware that’s not a real tree he/she is on, but that’s the thought you get when viewing this. Not “oh how adorable”

  17. Patricia

    I have seen worse. But really – a kite, a teddy bear, duckies, bunny, umbrella, balloon, butterfly, bird, daisy, tulip….it’s like a junkyard full of baby cliche’s. Good grief…

  18. FalconGTHO

    And whats with the freakin stupid fauxhawk? Id like to see this kids parent(s). Likely just one, the knock up momma who birthed it.

    • people who give their kids fauxhawks hire fauxtographers

    • Not to defend the really lousy choice of infant hairstyles…but was the dig at single mothers REALLY necessary?

  19. Fricking God Awful!!!!

  20. ithurtswhenipee

    I suppose its a good thing that I don’t even know what Picnik is. Some free online photo editor I take it?

  21. Oh, everything seems so realistic! Did they use some kind of stuff like Photoshop? WTF? I’ve just noticed there’s an umbrella up there!!! No irony is enough for this one…

  22. Reminds me of those Russian wedding photos. When one cheesy element is just not enough …

  23. BurninBiomass

    Thats a great Ed Grimly hairdo … I must say!

  24. Love the mohawk!

  25. Pelham

    Open letter to Anne Geddes:

    Anne, I pin the blame for all these horrendous crimes against babies, humanity (and PhotoShop) firmly on your shoulders.

    Were it not for your shots of adorable infants passing as sunflowers/teddy bears/popping out of a milking pail (do I hear Sigmund Freud turning in his grave?) etc ad nauseum, and in all likelihood parents seeing your work and requesting images a la ‘Anne-Geddes’, and we wouldn’t have mommies barely out of their teens, armed with their first ever dslr (aka ‘professional camera’), we wouldn’t have fauxtographers. Especially ones that leave unattended babies on-set, newborns with unsupported heads being left on their stomachs…*sigh*…

    So I hereby sentence you, Anne Geddes, to forever peruse the craigslists and Facebooks of this world, seeking out these fauxtographers who have made a mockery of your work, and bring them to us to feast upon.



  26. Once again the photographer has forgotten the basics of a focal point and keeping things simple.

  27. What? No rainbow?

  28. Anne Geddes would be proud

  29. Gal with a Camera

    You forget… Picnick is long gone. This, my friend, looks like the work of PicMonkey. 😉

  30. Needs more cute animals.

  31. Needs moar HDR

  32. An NFL logo somewhere in this I-Spy of fauxtography would be PERFECTION.

  33. Why oh why is this baby holding a random clothespin on a piece of string? And I HATE seeing images of babies, especially boys sitting or propped up on stuff that makes you feel like the baby is in pain! A tree branch between his naked legs? OUCH! Enough Already!

  34. Frankie

    What???no spot coloring??? at least I would get an idea of what to focus my eye on….oh wait…..nope lost it! This is a wonderful example of what not to do.

  35. Christi

    Does anyone not notice the Kips Big Boy flip on his head, that’s all I could see, it far out weighs the little teddy bear with the flowers.

  36. I feel like I’m tripping, bad!

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