Party Time

“Blank” Photography : Let us come to your party and photograph you and your friends at your absolute worst!

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  1. FalconGTHO

    Good fuggin grief.

  2. Meowcate

    “Excuse me, WTF are you doing ?”

  3. Onychomys

    My favorite one is the guy flashing a faux gang sign.

    • aaactually… thats the shocker…

      • … not unless you’re upside down.

      • Onychomys

        And the shocker doesn’t have the fingers spread like that, in any iteration I’ve ever seen.

  4. Wow…..just….wooooow

  5. Is she pooping on him?

  6. This is why I dont drink in public anymore.

  7. Love the crotch grab! I think he likes the brunette! And what is up with the white boy belly?

  8. definitely not portfolio material…. great for the private collection, email it to your friends and have a good LOL over it…. but a logo?? wow……. id be embarrassed to be IN the photo haha

  9. Where’s the orgy?

  10. Not sure which is more unattractive: the guy with the hiked-up white T-shirt exposing his flabby belly, or the guy to the right grabbing himself. [And that is not a “fake gang sign” – it has a meaning, which I choose not to share in a public forum.]

  11. Pelham

    I’m guessing chickie-poo is grinding on the guy’s crotch, and the guy on the right is grabbing himself out of sympathy 🙂

  12. Christopher

    Guessing nobody here does nightclub or bar photography. This is probably one picture of many from an album. One picture does not make this person a fauxtog.

    • Someone

      And this would be one of your keepers?

    • Canaduck

      Then why did s/he put the logo on it and upload it on facebook, exactly?

      • Christopher

        When you do nightclub or bar photography, you normally get paid by quantity over quality. Bar owners want a lot of pictures with people in them because it makes their club look busy. Personally this would not be one of my keepers. I do not take “candids” in a club.

  13. This is why photographers with no common sense occasionally “disappear”.

  14. The how to photograph a group in the most unflattering way challenge? Surely out of all the pics of the event there was one better than this….

  15. Must have been there to see the significance of the picture, I think…

  16. Gal with a Camera

    I’m kinda worried about what’s happening underneath the blond chick’s feet, that they had to mark it out. 😮

    • Kitten

      It looks like there was part of the photographer’s logo on there, which is why they had to mark it out.

  17. Gal with a Camera

    I see London, I see France, I see someone’s underpants!!!!! 😀

  18. I don’t know about you all, but this is way better than any photo I’ve taken. Here is a link to my flickr Portraits and People album to prove it. You decide.

  19. Why hasn’t anyone commented on the fact that the one chick has a really nice rack?????

  20. Ooooh. I found this guy’s FB site. 😉 Definitely a “Foto”g.

  21. justme

    What group photo is complete without a butt crack and a crotch grab? Throw a boob shot in there, and now it’s professional quality

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