Creepy Baby Bump

It’s just so creepy! Why would anyone want this?

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  1. tamera

    My bump, my bump my creepy baby bump…

  2. Breech!!!! I smell a C-Section.

  3. Chiara

    She should really get that growth checked out…

  4. What a huge baby and what a translucent belly!

  5. White trash gonna white trash.

  6. I hope this was at least done after the birth and they used a photo of the correct baby.

  7. no one special

    Maybe it is an attempt to prove they aren’t fat. “no, no, it’s a baby in there, see.”

  8. What is wrong with people?

  9. Does she still have her belly piercings in? And it looks like the top of the kid’s head is missing? People will pay for anything.

  10. Thats a pretty sweet tat!

  11. creepy yes, but not half as bad as some of the other things I have seen on here.

  12. Meowcate

    Start the reactor.

  13. This has been doing the rounds on FB with the phrase “Like if you love your mother :)”. Ugh! My wife re-shared it a couple of weeks ago and received 4 Likes and an “Its amazing” comment. I commented with a bunch of links to similar images on this site 😉

  14. For some reason, people like this kind of photo. Never mind the baby is in the wrong position (obviously this was done AFTER birth), but technically it’s a good job. I have seen many that were so much worse.

  15. TollTollPhotography

    This is an OLD picture for an ad for planned parenthood…. nothing to see here. It’s not a fauxtog. It’s where the fauxtogs got their idea.

    • I was going to say, this is actually a really well done photo, then they did the see through baby thing. Which, again, is actually pretty well done but never works for a baby bump photo. But if this was a Planned Parenthood ad, then I can accept the photo.

  16. photo gal

    I had a client request this and I had to play along, cringing the whole time as I photoshopped it. I think it’s weird too!

    • As most others will agree, professionals don’t have any responsibility to play into client requests that they wouldn’t want their name attached to. If some crazy amount of monetary gain was in store for doing something so tragic, I’d hope they’d still keep it out of their portfolio.

      • I would reluctantly do it..but I definitely would not put it on portfolio lol.

  17. I don’t know why…perhaps the position of the mother’s arm, but this pic reminds me of a very old ad about the dangers of smoking while pregnant. I bet somebody cropped out the Virginia Slim in her right hand.

  18. Gal with a Camera

    Eew… this has gotta be the creepiest baby bump i have ever seen!! Scary.

  19. virginia

    a breech baby, at that

  20. 13yr old pregger chics love this crap… it justifies the ‘best mistake i’ve ever made’

  21. I keep getting an image of the chest-burster in the Alien movies…

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