Alien Planet

Really nice photo shoot on the planet Mars, unless of course that’s Earth and the fauxtog is just clueless.

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  1. Wow, one day I will discover where you all get these rich resources of cruddy pics!

  2. Oh my dear lord, WHY!

  3. Christie Mathis

    Mars is really pretty this time of year.

  4. Wsroadrunner

    Selective coloring falls to a new low. This is why they should ban picnik.

  5. Wsroadrunner

    Remember when effects like this were cool? Neither do I….

  6. Before the coloring effects, this wasn’t a bad shot.

  7. Doesn’t look like selective coloring, the artifacts in the upper part of the picture seem to indicate the file was corrupt. Why somebody would post a picture that obviously is corrupt is beyond me. Then again pretty much every picture on this site makes me question humanity – both because of the “photographer” and the people that think the photos are good.

  8. Heather

    The main subject is way too dark, and the background is just……………..well, wierd.

  9. I’m amazed that there were people that LIKED the photo. Wow…

  10. Katherine

    Maybe they’re color blind? Definitely a fine shot before the processing; can’t imagine why they did that.
    PS. Good news – I believe Picnik is shutting down next month.

  11. Oh no, I don’t think this file is corrupt, I think the ‘editor’ decided to pull the contrast to unnecessary proportions, and then start tweaking the white balance. The composition isn’t bad, per say, but the facial lighting is abhorrent, the angle is horseshit (You should never see a row of buildings on the horizon) and the wind is pushing her hair around her face in a very unflattering way. Jesus tap-dancing Christ, turn her around, use the sunlight to your favor if you insist on shooting at 1:00 in the afternoon, arch her back across the hood of the truck, and have her close her eyes. At least it would be about 100x more interesting.

  12. Ashaloo

    @Kenny, I see what you’re talking about, but upon closer examination, it just appears to be a huge building… It’s really kind of you to go for the “benefit of the doubt” line of thought, though. 😉

    Just looks like someone got color-happy and sacrificed what could’ve otherwise been an ok shot (still not great) for a travesty!

  13. ithurtswhenipee

    I laugh at the comments saying, ” if it weren’t for the color, its not a bad shot…except for the background and the model’s face in shadow and the this and the that…” Lets just go ahead and call it a terrible photo, okay?

  14. Michael

    I have a broken point and shoot that does this automagically. Sometimes it even makes things look all melty.

  15. David Gutierrez

    Hopefully I see one of my photos on here some day. At what point can I change my Fauxtog status?

  16. I think I saw that filter on my Pixlr-o-matic Android app.

  17. Wsroadrunner

    Yes Kenny, unless shey’s naturally greyscale, it is selective coloring gone wrong… so very wrong

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