Kool-Aid River

Another beauty from the man who only takes and edits his photos with his iPhone! Can you believe it? Yep, so can we.

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  1. The framing is really off (way too much headroom), but this is honestly not the worst picture I’ve seen on this site. I’m more baffled by the weird face the girl is pulling, she looks like she’s trying with all her willpower not to smirk.

  2. A River of Kool-Aid Runs Through It

  3. I hope this fauxtographer drowns in that koolaid…..

  4. FroggieG

    … with a urine stained tree.

  5. Im speechless!

  6. BurninBiomass

    Looks like she is trying to hold the tree up, and failing (along with falling).

  7. i don’t know where to begin…

  8. Wsroadrunner

    I’ve seen better shots from a drunken monkey. LOL

  9. There is really no point in attempting to make a list of all the reasons why this photo is horrible. It is just horrible. It has reached the Zen state of being horrible.

  10. What the hell were they thinking with that spot colour and composition? Also, it’s hard to tell, is the focus off, or was it just a crappy compact camera with huge DOF and all of it equally fuzzy?

  11. I agree that there have been worse photos on this site, this looks like the kind of snap to take on your phone when you’re hanging out with your girlfriend, not something from a ‘photographer’.

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