Dust Bunny

This fauxtog boasts 20 years of photography experience and features this POS photo in his section of “Animals”. Since he didn’t even get the whole kitten in his shot and it’s very out of focus, we’re assuming the animal that he meant to showcase here is that giant dust bunny attached to that filthy broom in the background.

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  1. I take pet photos on occasion. this is “god” awful. That “photographer” should hide his/her head in shame and then delete their Wix site.

  2. Just because you have been taking photos for 20 years, don’t call it experience unless you have the education and “know how” to back it up.

  3. gimme a break, just crap!!! And dude keep your place more clean!!

  4. Jessica

    And even when one does have “EDUCATION” it doesn’t mean they know what they are doing.
    I have modeled for people who claimed to have been to photography school, but in the end they still suck. I have never taken a class in my life and Im better than some of those people.

  5. Jessica

    Photography class that is :p

  6. Yeah, the broom itself needs to be cleaned, but at least it’s been in use.

  7. Out of focus, flashed the heck out of the kitten and dirty background. I started using a bright pink ps film camera when I was 6, so I guess I have a little over 20 myself lol. You can really look at that picture and think quality? Take a look through A photography magazine or a National Geographic then look at this picture.

  8. Anonymous

    Carrie, you need to go easy there, I looked at your portfolio…

  9. Carrie, you need to go easy there, I looked at your portfolio…

    True, the above photo shouldn’t be published on a “pro’s” website, but I’m no pro, so who am I to judge 🙂

  10. @Carrie, I’m with dickoy on this one.

  11. Obviously the focal point is the dust bunny on the broom, since the broom is the only thing in focus. smh.

  12. Carrie, I agree with the others…you do spot color, out of focus photos, and you shoot at the wrong time of day just like the other fauxtogs on this site. However, you have potential to improve, especially since your here. Take a lesson from this site.

  13. @Carrie, co-signed with dickoy. Out of focus, spot colour and shitty lighting.

    Tsk tsk.

  14. A photographer

    Remember, it is just a kitten on the floor, not a paid studio shoot for a pet show.

  15. Regardless what you think of her work, at least Carrie has something to show.

  16. Melissa

    I hate it when people count “experience” as having play camera’s as kids and then 50 dollar point and shoots as teens. Most of the time when I see people writing this on their profiles, it is absolutely CLEAR they don’t actually know what they are doing.

  17. Not something anyone should put up on a pro site – image should have been deleted right away…

    If this was anywhere near my pro-portfolio (or anything that I shared with anyone) I’d want to be hammered.

  18. LaughingGirl

    LOL! Wow, why on earth would anyone put that online at all, let alone on a “pro” photography site?

  19. Carrie, I’ll have to agree with the others on focus, lighting and spot color. You do have potential—it just takes lots and lots of practice!

  20. This is one of those photos that you review for half a second before deleting.

    I really dislike it when people boast about how long they’ve been producing crap.

  21. I think some people confuse a cute cat with a cute photo. there IS a difference.

  22. That cat photo is awful and should NOT be in any pro portfolio.
    @Carrie- take care with your criticism, although, I’ll take your cat pictures over the image above; you certainly have room for improvement. Glad you are here. Even I have been guilty of bad photography in my career. I systematically go back to my website every few months to weed out anything I am now better at. (You never really know how bad you were until you get better.)

  23. Carrie likes spot coloring i see.

  24. Oh dear, Carrie’s website has crashed under the weight of the internet’s rage. Pity, that rage should go at the photographer at the top of this page… but their watermark is blanked out.

  25. Gourmetguy

    I bet he’s 20 years old

  26. This Fauxtographer does not have twenty years of experience. They have one year of experience twenty times!

  27. I would like to hire this person and pay them for their services. /sarcasm

  28. Emilio Rodriguez

    Novel use of “Bokeh”, over the subject!

  29. “Carrie of Intricate Photography 10:38 am March 27th, 2012
    I take pet photos on occasion. this is “god” awful. That “photographer” should hide his/her head in shame and then delete their Wix site.”

    Carrie, sweetie, I’m only calling you out because you volunteered your website up at the very beginning.
    YOU should probably take your own advice. Your own work is no where near professional, and you are exactly the type of person I have to do battle with on a day to day basis to keep my own business alive. I think you should probably delete your own site (or at least stop throwing it up on a site that makes fun of fauxtogs) practice a little more and THEN try starting your business over. With a decent portfolio.

    That being said… smh at the kitten photo…

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