Why So Sad?

Sadest happy couple I have ever seen. Shouldn’t you be smiling on your big day? Either way, Jesus is rolling his eyes about having to be part of this horrible photo.

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  1. No way this is a “professional” wedding photograph!

  2. OMG, you’ve got to be kidding!!

  3. Chantal

    I TOTALLY agree with H M Bascom! Nooooo way this is professional! Who would put that picture on the wall so people can see it??

  4. WWJD with this picture? Looks more like a funeral than a wedding…

  5. Timothy

    I photographed a wedding once where I never saw the B&G even crack a smile, and there was no intimacy between them. I had never been so uncomfortable at a wedding. They did not even want any formal images. At least the couple in this image danced together!
    I am rather disturbed that the photographer would choose this image of our Lord to collage a photos into. Would be interesting to see what the rest of the images from the wedding look like. The bride looks to be a very beautiful young lady, and the groom a handsome man; I wonder why no smiles.

  6. Has anyone noticed the horrid grammar, punctuation and spelling on her site?? Her about section goes from first person to third by the second sentence. Wrong capitalization in the wrong places, and it’s copyright…not copy write!!!! She charges 10 dollars per pose for color and exposure corrections!!! Over 25 years of professional experience? I think not!

  7. Wsroadrunner

    They’re all sad because they know they hired a fauxtog….

  8. Seriously!?

    She looks like she’s about 14 years old LOL – arranged marriage?? haha

  9. Jesus Christ!

  10. George Kremer

    Jeebus help me, is all I see.

  11. Its sad that the general public actually buys this crap and thinks it’s “professional photography”. Never do they think of the old addage…you get what you pay for.

  12. Lol! Jesus is rolling his eyes! This is horrible!

  13. This is sad…sad to see and sad to know someone spent money on this.. 🙁

  14. Lol, it really does look like Jesus is rolling his eyes at this.

  15. For sure this is a bad picture… No argument there.

    But I couldn’t help notice that the Groom is wearing a uniform. Could it be tat this couple got married just before he’s sent to Afghanistan? I can imagine that i such situation such a very young couple would rather cry than chee… The religious aspect hints to me that they’re asking for a blessing.

    As said, the picture stinks but there there may well (also) be a story behind this couples wedding, where for other pictures on this site the only story is all about the Fauxtographer an WTF they were thinking…

  16. Ha! I have seen this fauxtographers work before. She has a Facebook page and another site advertising her “business.” My favorites include a set of wedding photos where she spells the words “bouquet” and “marry” wrong, on the pictures!

  17. It is so wrong that I laughed as hard as I did at the caption beneath the photo.

  18. Victoria

    How do you all find the fauxtog’s website?
    “$10 per pose for color and exposure correction,” what?!! OMG. Terrible.

  19. I’m not buying that this was done by a “pro” – maybe a friend of the couple – but not a pro…

    And fyi – I’ve had a wedding like Timothy – bride and groom didn’t smile – seemed to be there just because – bride’s mother actually hired me – bride didn’t want photos nor did groom… Got some really great photos of the bride though…

  20. Wsroadrunner

    I have shot several weddings where the B&G didn’t smile. Some people just view this as such a solemn occasion that it is not acceptable in their eyes to show joy or happiness. A professional knows how to overcome those situations though, not make it look like the dog ate the photos and threw up, such as this picture.

  21. Comment above may not be looking at the right page. It says she has been in business 7 years, not 25.

    Great comment and response from the fauxtog’s FB page:

    You seriously need to get your pictures out to the public and espicially top magazines!! You have the potential to be a world renowned photographer. I have always wanted to be a photographer and you have inspired me more than anyone to want it enough to do it. What exactly is the camera you use? I know it is the woman behind the camera but I want to try! Thanks and love you.

    Fauxtog’s response:

    I use a NIKON D90 but its not really the camera its the computer programs. I use PhotoShop CS4 and lumapix. Sometimes I use Microsoft picture it but rarely. Oh and kobata filters those are very necessary and expensive!

  22. Just out of curiosity, how do you guys find her actual site. I was hoping there was a link here somewhere but cannot find it. The photo itself just opens a javascript viewer. Am I missing something important here?

  23. Jesus will punish you for posting this LOL

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