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Blech. Not only is in pink, not in focus, but it’s so unflattering.

  1. Pepper says:

    Why do people put the most awful/pointless effects on their photos.We have had,green babie,and now pink couples what next,?.Just bloody awful in about every single way imaginable.Saying that they propably get loads of praise for this kind of thing.


  2. Pepper says:

    Exscuse the typos,i was in such a rush to get my exitement out about this wonderful photo.


  3. BurninBiomass says:

    Pepto Abysmal.


  4. TimmyJ says:

    Color balance seems a little off.


  5. art_student13 says:

    Someone’s been messing with the color dial on the old TV from the 80′s again….


  6. geekcr says:

    Could have worked as a Warhol imitation if they’d done a better editing job and fixed that pointless bald spot


  7. Ann says:



  8. Libby says:

    OMG OMG OMG Everytime I think you’ve reached the very bottom of the barrel you dig even deeper ;-)


  9. Jessica says:

    I’ll bet this is the wedding photo they paid a sh*& ton of money for… all I have to say is: people who pay for this type of stuff kinda deserve it for not researching better… but man, if this is a wedding photo (I THINK she has a flower in her hand, I can’t even tell because of the awful-ness of the photo) then … I do feel bad for the couple, then again they probably thought it was amazing…


  10. mia says:

    I love the portion that didn’t get turned pink in the middle.. makes it very classy..


  11. anonymous says:

    People who are willing to pay for this kind of work certainly deserve what they get. I can’t even blame the fuaxtog for that; they’re making money while having no discernable skill and doing minimal amounts of work… isn’t that like, the American dream or something? It’s kind of a lesser of two evils deal… is it worse to make shitty work, or actually give someone money for shitty work?


  12. Mr. Bong says:

    “Excuse me, sir; could you lean your bald spot a little more towards the camera? I want it to be the main focal point. I’ll even emphasize it with this nifty color filter technique I just learned!”


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