Is It Uncle Bob?

Do we have an uncle Bob, taking pictures as a guest and posting them to an online portfolio for their “business?” Or did the couple want half of a headless random woman in their pictures, that are obviously taken without an external flash?

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  1. But wait! It’s in the ‘candids’ album, doesn’t that make it okay? *g*

  2. You’re really off your game Ginger and Mary Ann – Seriously.

    The only thing this photo needs is some cropping – and it would be fine.

    Depending on the photographer – not a ton of time is spent editing candids – and facebook shots are typically quick and dirty – so they probably didn’t even think about it before posting this one.

    As for external flash – looks to me like they are using an external – just not mounted off camera – otherwise the bride’s eyes would be glowing… Unfortionately weddings happen on the spur of the moment – so it is not always possible to have a studio light or other remote light where the action is or to even know where the action will be – the best you can do is plan for the worst, work for the best and get the shots as they happen.

    • @dee – You’re joking, right? Even if the random woman was cropped out, if I got this photo as a select in my wedding package, I would be pissed off. Getting shots as they happen is one thing – taking crap photos that could be done by an aunt with a Coolpix is another.

    • dee, Seriously??!! If you are going to call yourself a “Professional”, I don’t care how much of a hurry you are in or where you are posting the photo… do your editing BEFORE you post it ANYWHERE. The only person that should be allowed access to that photo is the photographer.

  3. Is it just me or does this remind me of one of those shocking pictures you’ll see on the cover of one of the tabloids?

  4. Candid, perhaps, but it still needs work…not really a great shot for showing off.

  5. Gourmetguy

    Where can I hire Uncle Bob?

    I like his brand of tabloid style photography


  6. um.. I don’t do weddings AT ALLLL… but let me say that when I share “candid” photos, they are still professional quality, just not the photos that were intended for the shoot. I wouldn’t share any pictures with my name on them that if they were seen by themselves would give me a bad name.

  7. photolover

    IM confused, is this an episode of COPS las vegas?

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