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    Fire Fighter

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  • firefighter

    Those do not appear to be proper fire fighting boots!

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    1. That picture is a hot mess.

      It’s not really a great pose that flatters the model, the background is horrid, no to the boots, unsure what that greyish shadow is under her foot.

      A more playful pose, ditch that horrendous background for something more contextual. Maybe even the model wrapping her arms around her open coat like women do with bathrobes so that you know it’s open and she has no clothes on but still showing nothing? Could be lots of fun with this but instead…. there is no smoke and no fire. Probably not the sexy fun photo that was intended maybe?

      • spfldPhoto

        I think the background is supposed to be the sun, and that grey blob under her feet is her shadow. Whatever it is, it’s a poor attempt at photoshop…wait, they can’t even afford photoshop, so a poor attempt with gimp.

    2. Yeah, most women would really appreciate being made to look double their size….

    3. thecharliescott

      Expose yourself to fire???

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