We don’t actually want our faces in the photo! Just make sure her butt is in there!

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  1. Ugh, seriously bad!

  2. My guess would be that the guy said, “I’d like a shot where I lift you”. I suspect he did but only swung her up then put her down. The mistake the photographer made was to shoot “single shot” and with the shutter and reaction delay, this is what transpired. The camera should have been on “rapid fire” and then you would have had her in the “right position”. So what you are left with is this and in order not to disappoint the clients, you present them with this “lift”. And of course the usual that’s not pathetic but not great about the technical side to the shot. Yet another example of why experience and know-how pays off but only if you pay.

  3. thecharliescott

    While I adore butts, they are overrated because they are cracked and have a hole in them. (And they need a HAZMAT label.)
    I always said if I should win the lottery, the first thing I’d do is buy a new butt, for the reasons set forth above.

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