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    Crazy Eyes

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  • crazy eyes

    Those eyes just need a little more definition!

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    1. Grackle

      She looks like a goa’uld. Probably not the intention.

      • Thumbs up for astute observation..and second thumbs-up for appropriate Stargate reference!

    2. I can hear the conversation already…

      “So here’s what I am gonna do. I am going to make all of the photo unfocussed, blur it up a bit and you manipulate it… with some weird washed out colouring and then I am just going to outline your eyes so they, uh POP. Trust me. I’m the fauxfessional.”

    3. fauxfessional…lol love it.

    4. Plonker

      What happened to the other photo that was posted above this one yesterday? The one with the scantily clad woman in red shoes?

      • I hate Fauxtography

        It was found to be too hideously gross to be posted on the Internet 😉 Ewwwwwwwwwwwww

    5. What pisses me off sometimes more than the awful garbage photos is the continued use of script for watermarks! Christ almighty!

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