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    Category: You Put Them Where? Page 2 of 9

    derpy cat

    Derpy Tiger Face

    We should probably put this one down…

    stab self

    Plastic Wrap

    We’re not sure this method of birth control is going to be effective…

    Shoulder Angel

    It would be really awkward if she passed gas up there…

    guns and masks

    Guns And Gas Masks

    What do you think they’re looking at?


    Brown Mess

    That’s not how you make brownies!


    Sparkle Farts

    This is what happens when you eat too many Unicorn steaks!


    Swimming With Dolly

    Dolly said she’d teach her how to swim!


    Fire Fighter

    Those do not appear to be proper fire fighting boots!

    big egg

    Happy Easter

    We hope for her sake that she did not just lay that thing…