Happy Easter

big egg

We hope for her sake that she did not just lay that thing…

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  1. I like this photograph. It’s well lit and composed properly. Not worthy of this site.

  2. Rodney Munch

    I agree with Rob C. The recent posts on this site have definitely been spot on. However, this one (whilst not great) shows understanding of lighting, composition and competent PS editing.

  3. Oddball and different and not quite my thing (but that’s just my personal preference) otherwise it’s not bad at all. The only thing I’d quibble about, and it’s a small quibble, is that it almost looks like she is sticking her finger down her throat. I’d have made sure she touched her finger to her cheekbone. Ignoring the egg, it’s a great 50’s pinup shot.

  4. Cute model, cute hair and dress, but I agree with the finger down the throat thing, Bob.
    I also don’t like the starkness of the picture. It’s almost like “Here is a picture of a girl on an egg.”
    Seems like there is no no context and I am not sure what the photographer is trying to show, other than a perfectly centered girl on an egg.

    • bananaslugs

      It could have been part of a series of photos intended to convey a message but it was unfairly taken out of context and put on this site. This photo does not belong here. I thought the purpose of this site was to criticize truly bad photography, not to be snotty about photographic styles that you simply don’t like. Goofy or oddball styles may not be everyone’s cup of tea but there’s no need to be snotty about it.

  5. MarieJo

    Well, this photo does not belong here !
    It’s clearly intended to look like a 50’s pinup and it does.

  6. I can’t find much fault at all with this…except that I might have tried to pose her legs and arms slightly differently to create that natural “s” with her body-line that seems to be so appealing in composition. As it is, she does not appear to be entirely at-ease up there..and I totally agree that her hand-placement is unfortunate.

  7. I actually think this is a pretty solid photo. Fun model, great composition. The concept is a bit weird for me, but not the photographers skill level.

  8. It’s not the worst on this site but it’s still terrible. The fact that so many people are defending this image speaks volumes. The photography profession is plummeting to certain death.

  9. Federico

    The picture is not terrible but it’s really amateur. You have to know your limits. Shooting a real model and and sitting her on a fake egg it’s not easy. If you are not really really good with Photoshop/Illustrator (As a serious and talented graphic designer would be) you’ll get a poor result. Besides I don’t understand the relation between “pin up” and “Easter Egg”.
    Any way this image could be seen on some small town magazine.

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