Sparkle Farts


This is what happens when you eat too many Unicorn steaks!

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  1. A great model is terrible thing to waste.

  2. Actually well done, just strange choices.

    • Well maybe if you saw it in context? Her tat says “Let it be beautiful” and she seems perched on what appear to be a giant pantyhose arrangement. (Rather precariously I might add, and her facial expression is a little “Back off!”)

      I wonder if maybe it’s just a layer meant as part of another photo. I can’t help but look at that pantyhose sculpture and find it rather disturbing though – not sure if it’s the colours or just what.

  3. So unfortunate that this photographer is terrible at taking photos because the model is beautiful. I see this often; gorgeous women getting photographed by complete idiots. You get what you pay for ladies.

    Absolute rubbish photo.

  4. Pantyhose? I thought it was colored substance in water. What this image is missing: over saturation, half a tiger face p-shopped on to the models face and the floating head of her dearly departed dad looming over her saying ‘get out of there, that tog’s a moron’.

  5. This was just OK until you captioned it…

    If this photograph is titled “Sparklefarts”, it’s f*cking incredible.

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