Brown Mess


That’s not how you make brownies!

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  1. For added horror convert to black and white!

  2. FroggieG

    I hope that’s chocolate and not what it looks like.

  3. Ick. Why did I have to see this while eating dinner? There goes my appetite…

  4. Just what the hell is wrong with people? I mean, really, what is this crap? It’s not a product shot, it’s not erotic, it’s not creative, it’s just crap. Nauseating.

    • To some it is a fetish. It is quite common for people not in to a fetish to not understand the fetish. 🙂

      I, personally, don’t get the food/sensuality connection, but some do.

      Putting aside personal opinions about the topic, I think this is a pretty good shot. Not a fan of the vignette. But the focus is fine and so is the lighting.

      The only thing weird about this is the food… and it may not be that weird to the couple. 🙂

      • I get fetishes. I do and that’s all I’ll say on the matter 😉
        However, I think this one is poorly done and that’s all I’m getting at. The smears sadly do not look as much like chocolate at it ought to. Some looks ok and some looks like something not ok. Their expressions leave something to be desired too. I’m not so sure these two are into the fetish as they look uncomfortable, at least he does. I’m all for some innuendo (we all know what “chocolate” is slang for), but I stand by my critique of this being poorly done. It’s just my opinion and maybe they loved the end result.

  5. Ever see one of those photos of a little baby that has removed it’s diaper while unattended in it’s crib?
    This reminds me of that.

  6. I really hope this is what this couple wanted. I don’t get it.

    • Well .. if the couple found the fauxto shoot erotic (hey maybe it’s a fetish?) then I guess they got what they paid for.
      Why anyone in the whole world would allow this to be shown in a portfolio, and why a photographer would deem it suitable as a show piece I can not fathom.

      I guess fauxfessionals are good for some things after all. The real photogs wouldn’t probably take that shot, and if they did they surely would not put it anywhere with their name on it.

      • ” if they did they surely would not put it anywhere with their name on it.”
        Indeed. That is what password protected albums are for. That way, the only people who see it are the clients and whomever they chose to share it with. There are even some providers that offer limited free plans for those fauxs out there that have no cash and can look like pros. I’ll let them find it if they want (google is your friend sometimes and one good one starts with a “P”), but it would seem obvious most don’t even care or realize the faux-pas they are committing.

  7. Composition is a bit lacking, but lighting, focus, color/processing are decent. Not sure why the photographer is being ragged on. If the sploshers give you repeat business and their checks clear, you might have a gallery that caters to them.

  8. This photo cannot be defended and yet there are a few who actually feel it is a portfolio worthy image! It’s not. It is a garbage image of two obviously very stupid clients who think paying for such an image was a good idea! Photography has really become a “career for anyone”. Sad.

  9. Haha okay, this one’s odd xD

  10. thecharliescott

    The photodog wanted his buddies to see he got to see a nekkid woman.

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