Shoulder Angel

don't fart

It would be really awkward if she passed gas up there…

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  1. Thomas

    The colours are a bit to saturated. But for this type of fetish photography, it fits. This is a specialized form of photography for a very specialized viewer.

    • Kylde

      ” very specialized viewer.”
      You mean the guy underneath her?

    • A bit saturated!? The entire “effort” is an awful mess.

  2. tamiZ

    Award for the most awkward leg/arm placement goes to this photo. Her legs looked so bizarre to me that I spent a long while looking at this and finally realized that one of her “legs” is his arm. I am still not sure where her other leg is but I have really looked at this way longer than anyone should

    Fetish? I have never heard of a brushed, over-saturation fetish before so that is new to me.

  3. Spike

    I don’t know if this was meant to be sexy..but it looks for all the world like she’s trying to fart in his ear.

  4. Well, it didn’t take me that long to see that his face in not in her heinie but smushed into a different part of her anatomy altogether. As usual, not my cup of tea but I think his left arm placement is a little awkward and it probably would have been way cooler in high contrast B&W. As is, I’m sure he is enjoying his submissive role and the colour (while it can work for the right pic, I think this is not one of those) is a bit much.

  5. Gmakcorel

    Where IS her other leg? Initially, I also thought his left arm was her right leg. It appears as though she only has one leg protruding from the middle, though.

    I suppose that would be a specialty fetish on its own.

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