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    October 2012 Page 1 of 2

    poor bunny

    Happy Halloween…

    The scariest part are those horribly Photoshopped eyes!

    poor pumpkin baby

    Poor Pumpkin Baby

    And they didn’t even bother to remove all the seeds… That poor baby!

    oh dear

    “Photo Retouch”

    Awesome, a picture of a child that no longer looks anything like the child! Well done!

    how baby bumps are made

    How Baby Bumps Are Made

    How very tasteful…

    some r important

    Color Clique

    Only some of these ladies are important enough to be in color but none of them are important enough to be in focus!

    oh come on

    Oh Come On

    It looks like your arts and crafts skills are just as bad as your fauxtography!

    matching stubble

    Matching Stubble

    Great idea Fauxtog, edit the crap out of this image so that the girl appears to have stubble that matches her man’s!

    mountain dew

    Soiled Sheet And Mountain Dew

    Seriously, she didn’t even bother to set down her drink? I guess the fauxtog did use a soiled and wrinkled sheet as the backdrop. I really don’t think…

    man and his dog

    A Man And His Dog

    It needs more glow!