Matching Stubble

Great idea Fauxtog, edit the crap out of this image so that the girl appears to have stubble that matches her man’s!

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  1. Definitely not the worst on here.

  2. OMG! That’s just so horrible…even this perspective is so unappealing.

  3. Full sun or full shade. Not both.

  4. Yea, I mean.. it’s not the greatest pro photo, but you can clearly see it’s shadow. I doubt the “photographer” edited in facial hair.

  5. Way to accentuate the size of her ass and hips. I’m sure she really loved that along with her lady-beard. Nice work.

  6. White trash wasted on a lawn?WTF.

  7. monolith

    Maternity portraits are getting so complex in the wake of gender-free borders. Congratulations to this latest he-mom! By the looks of the caressed ‘bump’ it won’t be too long now.

    • AbsyntheGreene

      That explains his facial expression. The only thing I can think as I look at it is “gaseous nausea”.

  8. skynigurl

    Yeah, angle it so that both of them look as fat as possible.

  9. looks like he has zombie eyes too

  10. Ashley Taylor

    look at these lovely beached whales.

  11. MBChamberlain

    wow, I had no idea Sir Mix-a-lot had gotten into photography…

  12. Love the beard on both of them!
    I did not notice it at once, but when I did, I just burst out laughing 🙂

    To the first comment: yes, I totally agree, definitely not the worst female beard here!

  13. You know, in the past I’ve looked at some of the pictures posted, compared them to current trends in adverts etc and thought that some of the comments merely showed some users here to be a bunch of picky over-zealous a$$holes who would whine about something just because it was here… but these latest batch are indeed priceless. Even I can’t find a good thing about this one (or the last few actually) 😀

  14. TollToll

    It looks like he’s dying or giving birth.

  15. I love the unattached hand on her back

  16. YIKES! horrible angle, bad bad editing….bad faux

  17. “Yeah, I’ll just crop this photo so it looks like her body is never ending…whoah that made her look huge! Guess I’ll just give her a distracting beard!”

  18. Way to fill the frame, fauxtog. Why try to minimize a fat person? Embrace the fat. Literally squeeze it until it flows to fill the space. Liquid fat. Corner to corner, unavoidable, confrontational fat. You don’t like my fat? Well, f**** you! We’re gonna be even fatter than we are! We’re gonna be fat bearded people that fill your entire perspective! You can see nothing now but our bulk!

    I might suggest maybe perhaps, once in a while, making the faces the closest thing to the camera so their posteriors aren’t MAGNIFIED by the perspective? I know it’s trite, but it’s trite because THAT IS ALL YOU CAN DO FOR FAT PEOPLE and IT WORKS.

  19. What’s really bad is the guy’s wearing my team’s jersey! UGH…

  20. I still can’t believe someone watermarked this… SMH

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