You Are Not A Graphic Designer

Announcing the launch of our sister site, You Are Not A Graphic Designer! Finally you can check out some of the amazingly awful graphic design work you’ve been submitting to us over the past few months! Be sure to become a fan of the Facebook page so you don’t miss any of our posts!

And visit the site!

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  1. Ed Dickey

    So exciting! Can’t wait to see some of my work featured here! Oh, wait…

  2. mercurialohearn

    of course, one of the crappy things about being a graphic designer is that a client can force you to completely destroy an excellent design. i’d hate to see perfectly competent graphic designers maligned in this blog for design decisions that were made by boneheaded clients. (see the oatmeal’s “how a web design goes straight to hell)

  3. the logo/banner is very ironic

  4. If that’s a sister-site, then why is the navigation so damn different? On this page, I can scroll through several updates and view each with a full description and full sized photo. The YANAGD site looks like my old Friends feed from LiveJournal. What gives? Are you guys not web designers?

  5. Could you enable full-text RSS feeds for the new site, please? You have them on here, but the new site just has a summary. Thanks!

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