“Super Mom” Saves Baby

It’s turning out to be quite the debate! Is the mother at fault for leaving the baby unsupervised on the block, or was she simply putting her trust in another fauxtographer who claimed to know what they were doing? Decide for yourself and follow the link to watch the video! http://youtu.be/l0bcAYsUKmg

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  2. Timothy

    How can anyone be that stupid?

  3. Melissa

    Oh. My. God. I don’t even know how the mom actually caught her like that. I watched it in the super slow motion and I still can’t see how she’s saving that baby from hitting the floor. Unbelievable.

  4. Christy

    If she is a first time mom, you can’t fully blame her. This may be her first experience with a “professional” photographer, and she is so excited and caught up in the moment she is not thinking about safety. But the photographer should be thinking safety first, and a real pro would never let the mom get that far away.

  5. Glad the mom caught her but she’s still no “super mom” for allowing her little baby to be sitting up there and being so far away.

  6. Jesus. This one isn’t even funny. How can anyone be so flippant with their child’s safety? How stupid is the photographer, for starters but Jesus, mum, stay close to your kid for god’s sake!

    Lucky escape

  7. Frankie

    Okay mum doesn’t win any smart awards, but FFS, the person holding the camera, not even going to call a fauxtographer is a twit. This makes me want to just give it all up. Seriously, I am upset by this. I am glad the baby didn’t face plant the floor, but this is a classic example of inexperience, and stupidity. Please, please, please if your starting out with babies, start on the floor. I bet she doesn’t have insurance either. :o(

  8. AdriftZealot

    I feel more bad for the mother. Most people don’t spend a whole lot of time considering what actual quality photography is, so they think that anyone with a camera that claims to be a pro is obviously good. The mother probably has no clue that anything out of the ordinary is going on… until her kid almost suffers one of those ‘thumps’ that chills you to the bone and drives you to make 2 second deals with God so that your kid doesn’t end up in special care for the rest of its life.

  9. As a parents, my wife and I would have never allowed any of our kids to sit up on something like that – unless one of us was in there with them. Not even arms reach. No way.

    Parent should be shot for allowing it. Photographer should be shot for suggesting it and doing it.

    Until the kid can sit up on their own – they stay on the ground. Even when they can sit up by them selves – the parent is within arms reach – just in case.
    I’ve said it before on these baby photos – Baby safety comes first – if you can’t provide that then don’t shoot baby photos.

    Parent should have been supporting the kid, then the photographer, who is obviously going to photoshop the background anyhow – just photoshops out the parent’s hand. It’s not that tough.

  10. I guess the video got too much attention as it is now private. I saw it…stupid stupid effing people.

  11. Suzana Bueno

    Video isn’t working. “This video is private”. Anyone else getting that?

  12. Baby topples over while they are snapping pictures and making goofy noises, you can’t see anyone on the video, so there is obviously no one close to the baby. Mom dives in from several feet away and somehow catches baby with one arm milliseconds before her head slams into the ground. She stands up and announces “I got her” You can hear what sounds like the fauxtog in the background trying to cover her butt and saying “You can hold her” They continue taking pics with mom crouched down behind the green block holding the baby. Last scene is a still pic of the baby in a basket with a bunch of Easter stuff around it and the words “Happy Easter” in smaller letters “I’m ok” (or something to that effect). To top it off, the picture is a horrible fauxtog photo…of course!

  13. Having not seen the video, maybe there’s something I missed…but why on earth, if you are using chroma key, is it necessary to sit the baby on a block in the first place? Why not let her sit on the floor and put the camera at floor level where it’s safe? The only reason for a chroma key block like that is for video effects where parts of the subject need to be keyed out in post-editing or the subject needs to appear to leap onto or from an object to be edited in later.

    I’m amazed that somebody spent that much money and time setting up a chroma key studio and has no clue about how to best use any of it.

    • Melissa

      There was no reason for the block – which is the worst part about it… :-S Just a stupid photographer putting the life of a young child at risk. The mom is just as much to blame – but it just makes me shake my head. Horrible.

  14. I think you should back off the mother, she would have been blind to the safety factor simply because of the excitement. I took my 3month old to a photographer and watcher her try the hand under chin pose and bub was awake!! I had no idea it was unsafe or what she was even trying to attempt. I know now that is a composite image and this was what made me start my own business with safety and explanation of my actions being number 1. Yes the mum should have thought about it but you all know how forgetful we get when were excited about something. She would have put all her trust in the photographer who clearly done a shite job!!! Shame on them they could have caused serious damage

  15. A professional photographer should also be a ‘director’. Part of that job is to tell people how to pose, where to stand and, when it comes to babies, to direct a spotter (whether it’s a hired helping hand or parent) to keep bub safe at ALL times during the shoot! This simply should NOT have happened. Parents DO put their faith in professionals in all areas. They hand children over to doctors, leave them with people they do not know (ie. daycare/school etc). They just expect that you are going to know what you are doing.
    I can’t stress enough how stupid this fauxtographer is. How hard is it to photoshop a hand out? Why’s is bub even up on the podium like that anyway?? there is actually no need for it given it’s all green and the background etc. was put in digitally later!

  16. Don’t need to see the video…that one still is enough to make even my blood run cold. And I don’t even have kids. How amazingly stupid on both sides, because if Mommy isn’t smart enough to realize her child isn’t able to sit up safely on her own and tell the photog that she’s not comfortable with posing her atop a what, 18 in podium…yes, you are paying someone to tell you what to do, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ask them if you see anything dubious!! Poor kid.

  17. Wsroadrunner

    They have now removed the video…. maybe they were afraid they were getting too much publicity?

  18. Don’t be so quick to judge – the mom is probably wearing a green screen suit and standing right behind the baby. You just can’t see her because she blends in 😉

  19. Wsroadrunner

    The video is also here for anyone that wants to see a baby almost bite the floor…


    Idiots like this need to be beaten

  20. You can find the video here. How scary.


  21. Sh!t, even at the freaking WAL-MART studio they make you keep one hand on the kid at all times!

  22. I hope the mom’s relatives and neighbors see this so they find out what a moron she is. And then I hope the fauxtog is exposed and is put out of business.

  23. witness

    Hey ya I saw this when I was at the mall

    Mom was “a first ” hanging onto baby as instructed by photographer then walked back behind the camera to get baby to smile .

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