Classically Bad

It’s nice (well, not nice) to see pictures like this still popping up from time to time. It’s not overly ridiculous, selectively colored, hilarious or even inappropriate. It’s just good old bad photography!

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  1. yeeeeeah. pretty sure I could take a better picture with my phone… fail.

  2. picnik? i thought they were doing away with that? when are people going to realize that photoshop elements is almost 99% as good as photoshop. or that photoshop is not used as much as light room for editing photos? i just burped. it tasted like and acorn… i burped again and it tasted like two acorns.

  3. Oh my. She’s leaning to her right. There’s nothing under her right hand to support her. Will Super Mom get there in time?

  4. ithurtswhenipee

    The faux vignette is almost as bad as spot color if not done right. Just “burn the corners” and feather the hell out of it. Of course it can’t help bad composition and blown out highlights.

  5. I for one am wondering whether including the top of her head may have probably added to this picture.

  6. I was just trying to look up her dress.

  7. Should have been dumped in camera – it looks like she is shifting poses and the photographer got her mid-motion (left leg) plus her right hand.

    If you have to resort to this kind of edit to try to “save” the image – it’s not worth keeping.

  8. What an awkward pose. Perhaps one for you are not a model?

  9. It looks like a photo of a bad photo. That’s the best way to get a totally flat and distorted image like this.

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