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If you roofie a girl, then take engagement photos with her, she can’t turn you down when she wakes up! No wonder Jake’s excited!

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  1. Mary Smith

    FJ- Foto Junk (You can replace Foto with another F word!) LOL

  2. MMMM mm! Got me some roofies and i’m about to score, thumbs up!!!

  3. This (possible) couple has a shitty photo but I think you stepped over the line insinuating that the man is some kind of roofie rapist.

    • Why? It is what it looks like. Blame the fauxtog. It seems to be on others’ mind as well.

      • Men should not be treated as de-facto rapists just for existing. We make up half the world’s population.

      • This was based on the image alone and not some global politicalization of gender. Had her eyes been open and not appeared unconscious, or if the frat-boy thumbs up/half cocked grin wasn’t part of the image, I’d say no one would de-facto him as a rapist. As it is, he seems like the wolf that is in the henhouse when the rooster is about to leave. Again, blame the fauxtog for believing this was a flattering shot.

  4. LOL! Best ad for roofies EVER! (This is a JOKE people)

  5. Looking at the stony background, maybe he bonked her over the head and has dragged her back to his cave…and the fact that he has just discovered that he has evolved an opposing thumb is just the cherry on top of the proverbial cake.

  6. I thought this was supposed to be for bad post processing and composition stuff, not bad poses. Make up your minds…so now everyone who uses bad poses is a fauxtog?

    • BurninBiomass


    • The exposure is bad, the composition is very bad, the posing is bad, and it’s pixelated unto death. It’s all around bad, there is no saving grace.

      • Tell me how the exposure is bad…and pixelation ? This was a screenshot off of a facebook page..obviously if you compress the JPG it’s gonna get pixelated….Composition is off yes, cut off fingers…but this is not the worse picture I’ve seen.

      • where? It’s not overexposed…maybe slightly underexposed…where is the extreme?

    • why would you think an awful pose is not enough to land you on the front page? Isn’t it one of the major elements of portraiture?

      • because the point of this stupid website is REALLY bad…and this is not good…but it’s not awful either unlike green babies and such.

  7. Her ghostly white arm is pretty creepy

  8. Maybe she’s a very life-like inflatable doll? I prefer that to the roofie explanation.

  9. How wrong looking.

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