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selective color bad

Give me a “F”… Give me a “A”… Give me a “U”…. Give me a “X”… Give me a “T”… Give me a “O”… Yea you get it… Three cheers for Fauxtography!


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  1. I didn’t know that grass could produce lens flare.

  2. Christine Almond

    I can’t care anymore about even looking at these pictures because I am so annoyed and distracted by the ad that keeps playing on a loop on this site, that doesn’t allow you to turn it off. bye bye YANAP

    • GeekAndProud

      get adblock you noob and stop whinging. The adds are not controlled by them go complain at google.

      • Are you stupid? No seriously..
        do you think google just hijacks their page and runs ads on it? They have to opt into those ads in the first page, not only that, they’re not all google ads. They’ve got ads by google, ads by fastclick, ads but several other companies. they’ve got infolinks on the text. The ad companies didn’t run in there and force them to put all that garbage there.

      • Derp blue

        Seriously dumb dumb, these ass hats are making money off of us… Eating up this shit website and their tacky ads. Maybe you shouldn’t leave home without your manners

      • GeekAndProud

        You have clearly never ran a website, how do you think they pay for the domain name and hosting? It sure as hell isn’t free, quit whining so much

      • I run a site child, I don’t run a single ad on it because I have integrity.
        if I can’t afford to run it, I don’t run it.

      • GeekAndProud

        alright then what’s the url and how do we know you actually run it instead of you just saying you do

      • Yes, I’m certainly going to out myself for a snivelling little fanboy, who for all we know, is the admin just taking pot shots since they don’t have the fortitude to actually address the readers directly.

        Face it. this site is poorly run and is becoming worse as time goes on. Clear evidence that they’ve stolen pictures without permission, ads on every square inch of the screen, half the pictures don’t remotely resemble fauxtography, etc.

      • If you’re getting infolinks in the text, then your problem might be more than ads. You might want to scan your computer for malware. But seriously, ad-blocking software is free..and it works. It won’t do much to help the rest of the content on this site, but it’ll kill the ads.

      • The info links only appear on this site and no others. I already run ad-block, the point is the mentality behind it. Someone who steals photos which aren’t for commentary (proven in “the truth about your photos” post), who refuses to be held accountable for the content they post, refuses to be accountable for the number and manner of ads they put on the site, who has absolutely zero clue of what fauxtography seems to be and only picks winners by chance, and then someone who does all this while being completely silent and not engaging the user base at all. All while hiding behind anonymous domain registration and fake names.

      • Goddammit, Jackd is a bitch. Why does he even come here? All he does is complain and whine and fuss. He reminds me of a three-year-old.

      • Christine Almond

        @GeekandProud – You must not be too much of a geek if you cannot spell “ad” correctly.

      • “Add” is slang for advertisement in Australia actually.

      • You’re right flash. We should all sit around praising this “admin” like good little sheeple. Excellent call. Nothing really demonstrates your intelligence like falling in line behind a fraud and a thief.

      • Spike – It’s ‘ad’ in Australia too – short for advertisement.

      • Hey, Jackd, if you’re worried about the money the site admin is getting from the traffic, why do you keep giving it clicks? Fuck, you’re dumb.

  3. Bernard Rentajag

    I find photo’s like this confusing more than depressing. What were they trying to achieve? How did they think this was an acceptable result?

  4. Noamsayin

    Fauxtography for faux cheerleaders..

  5. That ad loop is just terrible … I had to mute my computer it was so annoying. I don’t come here to be sold dish washing soap.

    • GeekAndProud

      I guess you’re too dumb to read the above comment.

      A) The Ads are NOT CONTROLLED BY YANAP, they are controlled by GOOGLE, go whine at google not here.

      B) If the adds really bother you that much that you’re gonna boohoo on here go and get AdBlock

      • I guess you’re too dumb to realize how ads on a site work. The site puts the code to run the ads on the site. it’s 100% in their control. Stop being such an insufferable fanboy.

      • Derp blue

        Seriously guy, learn to use the Internet. YNAP authorized those shit ads to make money.. Dumb dumb

      • Derp blue

        Geek and proud I wish I could meet you face to face and give you a well deserves ass whooping… Fuckin doucher

      • GeekAndProud

        Aahahaha these retards below me are so mad, whats wrong wittle trolls? You’re just too dumb to realise how web sites and hosting work.

      • GeekAndProud

        *above me

  6. If there is one thing I hate more than a pic (even a spur of the moment one like this seems to be) with junk in the background (gotta love the “gee I wonder what they’re doing over there” look from one bystander), it’s CUTTING OFF SOMEONE’S TOES. Stop it. Just stop it. That’s beside the fact that just what the heck is going on here other than attempting to create something that will deliberately induce migraines.
    I recently had a lady who thought she’d become a wedding photographer because she has an SLR. She asked me to critique three photos. In one she cut off the groom’s hand right at the knuckles. I told her it wasn’t attractive and she no longer asks my advice. I pity her clients. I pity this photographer’s clients too.

  7. broken_sporty

    Sadly, these teenagers probably thought it was the coolest pic all season.

  8. LOL She even highlighted the bystanders in the background! HAHAHA

  9. Noice, noice…it’s different….unewesual…yeah…but nah…

  10. man, cheerleading comps just got serious….

  11. This seems to be a cheerleader shot created on the field at night, probably during a game with on camera flash. That said, I bet the base image could stand up on it’s own merits, and though a larger aperture would have been a great idea to loose some of the background, the real problem here is that the creator needs to just step away from the computer and not add stupid, special effects to their images. Especially the selective color!
    I don’t understand the entire selective color thing, it seems to be that if you were going to do selective color, you would want the most important subject(s) in color, not some other, worthless element.

    -Own the image, shoot in manual!

  12. Areal photographer.

    What’s the difference between a frog hopping down the street and a photographer walking down the street?
    The frog might be on his way to a job.

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