Redhead In The Woods

redhead inthe woods

Who needs underpants when you’ve got a legwarmer!

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  1. Who uses Photographys with an S at the end? Shows you the mentality and lack of knowledge not only in photography but literacy. Unbelievable. This is by far the worse piece of crap I’ve ever seen. This person should also quit their day job!

    • Who’s to say they’re English? To say the photo is bad is fair enough, but you’re showing you ignorance by assuming they’re illiterate because they’ve used a foreign spelling for photography.

      • They are probably from a foreign country. Damn. Take it easy.

      • Chances are they are from a foreign country, BUT they are obviously advertising in an English market. If they were advertising in their native language, they would use the appropriate word such as fotografĂ­a or photographie or even consequat. The fact that they use Photographys is completely retarded. No matter what their first language is.

      • BurninBiomass

        I found him. Looks like he operates out of Germany. He has a web site that ends in a “de”.

    • Taking on board the points made by Joshua and K, there is a fauxtographer local to me who has the worst grammar I’ve ever seen on a “business” web site. English is definitely her first language.

      Sad that I am, I actually sat and retyped it out in proper English for her but never got round to sending it to her.

    • *worst

  2. i’m more confused by the random (and poorly done) selective coloring….

  3. Is it maybe supposed to be a snare around her foot…?

  4. She looks like a rape victim or a serial killer’s latest victim.

    • I was just about to say that the pose and the poor lighting give the whole thing an “Exhibit A” look. (“Exhibit B” of course, being her underpants, wherever they might be found)

  5. Mentality of photographer- “You’re a pretty skinny girl, so lets put you in this pose that will show every piece of flabby skin roll we can make! Oh and put your foot under your butt in an awkward position. Okay, Perfect!!!”

  6. Maybe the fabric around the ankle IS her underpants bunched up there? Seems to match the bra.

    The coloration is odd and there is no logic in either making the model pale and ghostly, or in the vegetation unnaturally green (except for a bit of pink fluff near top-center). I’m not getting it and don’t know what they’re trying to convey here.

  7. Christina

    Were they going for the half naked zombie look or was that just one of the perks?

  8. Robert Mrava

    To put it in the words of the narrator of ‘Damn nature you’re scary!’: That thing come to my neighbourhood I kill it!!

  9. Oh good gosh – that is just awful.

  10. Wow Man! Everything is so GREEN!

  11. hurts me physically on the insides…….

  12. These sort of images make me sick of selective colouring… and ‘”..Photographys”… if English isn’t your first language, at least ask before writing something in English…

  13. Richyrich

    I got a $100 bill that says this was done on an Iphone.

  14. I can’t help but wonder how many of those who are criticizing that guy’s english skills ACTUALLY speak more than one language… Being bilingual myself, I make mistakes on my own language.

    OTH, some people need to remember that, the world is a little bit more than the US…

    • The criticism isn’t of his English skills, it’s marketing his business in English and doing it wrong.

      THAT is worth criticism. It’s not about average ordinary folks who make spelling errors, just like it’s not about people’s Facebook snapshots that sort of suck.

      It’s about BUSINESSES (or wanna be businesses) who can’t bother to get it right.

  15. Good lord, where to begin?!

  16. Smeagal’s girlfriend…??

  17. well..yeah.. scorch ‘ve got a lot of weird pictures on his facebook page~ but this one is probably the “best” one 🙂

  18. MontanaMom

    I’ve gone camping in the woods many, many, many times. But I can’t say I’d ever dress (or undress, actually) like this. Usually it’s cooler out in the woods – and there’s a lot of flying critters like mosquitoes just looking for some bare skin to bite. Furthermore, the last thing I’d want is some grass or sticks up my ass – or other crawly creatures trying to catch a ride in my patch, maybe a tick who might give you Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. No true outdoors girl EVER dresses (or undresses) like this in the woods. Unless she’s had too many beers. In fact, it’s really pretty damn hard to be naturally glamorous or even sexy in the woods. Your more concerned about keeping your arms and legs covered in flannel and denim. And wearing your wool socks and hiking boots. And forget the glamorous hairdo – there’s usually some kind of breeze and you’ll probably end up wearing a hat anyway. But if you want to go stumbling around half naked in the woods – be my guest. Most of the men I know will think you are the crazy woman of the mountains and will avoid you. But a grizzly bear might find you attractive – probably for the wrong reasons, though.

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