The Color Of Her Voice Is Purple!

I love the vibrant color of her mouth. It just glows!

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  1. Wsroadrunner

    Either that or her breath is so bad it glows…

  2. Apart from anything, it looks like an out of focus cellphone shot. Indeed 99% of my iPhone snaps look better than this. Simply unbelievable that anyone would use this to promote their business.

  3. Funny the logo looks better then the image

  4. Wsroadrunner

    I have noticed, Robyn, that many fauxtographershave a large intricate mark to draw attention to the craptastic shots they churn out….

  5. Timothy

    I think our jobs as photographers is really to go out and teach the public what a quality image really is. Sadly, so many people do not even recognize what really is a good image. If we can teach the public that, I am pretty sure that fauxtogs will quickly become of thing of the past.

  6. Looks like the inside of an anus. I cant believe someone paid for this!

  7. Beauty…

  8. Hey does anyone think she looks like she has a belly growth because there is no colour contrast between her dress and the black abyss between her and the fellows hips.. even though her dress is actually navy blue?

  9. That’s a fancy dancy logo for sure!

  10. I really do like the detail of the tent walls that was captured. Such a crisp shot. Would like to have seen a little more attention paid to the lighting.. Maybe address some of that foreground clutter that just gets in the way of showing how really amazing the craftsmanship is regarding the build quality of that tent/annexe…

  11. I understand that people romanticize about being a professional photographer, and may think it is a sexy and glamorous job. You have to have some camera equipment and know how to use it before you design a business logo. Sigh. It just keeps getting worse.

  12. My 5 yo could take a better snapshot.

  13. Derpface

    Oh God my brain hurts from looking at this…

  14. All I can think of is they were doing the tango but didn’t have a real rose so they used one of those fake neon-colored flowers they sell in the everything $1.00 store!

  15. Maybe… Just maaaaybe if I take this brush preset from DeviantArt, I can make myself a logo so awesome, people will want to work with me no matter what.

  16. Kathleen

    At first I thought a pen was stuck to his head, but I think it’s his sunglasses.. wow.. this one earned their logo?

  17. I think that strange color is actually something in the distance!

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