That’s Quite The Mouth

Fauxtogs… Enhancing your portraits right into horse-mouth territory! Someone get her a carrot.

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  1. Thats a powerful fan….. O-O wow.

  2. Damifino

    Time would have been better spent making her eyes match.

    • Her eyes are the same color, and most people’s eyes are naturally not the same size.

  3. sharon g

    The photographer should have erased the glare off of her chest instead of the left nostril.

  4. *slaps fauxtog’s hand*
    Never, EVER touch ctrl-t EVER again!

  5. Robbifelldown

    When my dog sticks his head out the car window….that’s what this reminds me of.

  6. Her mouth looks like the Joker…but what’s up with that on her chest? Is it some kind of weird reflection because of her sequins, or does she have spots.

  7. her skin looks like it is loose..scary

  8. dasfuk?

    I want to see original.

  9. you guys are going to feel real silly if that’s her real mouth. Because I hate to break it to you, but the shadow on her neck matches her face. While liquify could stretch a smile out, her mouth would have originally had to have been the size of a penny to have stretched her cheeks like that. It’s much more likely that this poor girl suffers from SJP disease and the site admin has taken another clueless stab in the dark.

    • Jannercide

      Sarah Jessica Parker disease? Could well be.

      • Yes. and if liquify was used to move both her smile and the shadow out like that, you’d see a lot more distortion and there is none. The lines around the top of her neck would be pushed way over, probably her ear would be pushed up (because someone would be using a massive brush to push that). you’d also see things like teeth distortion, which I’m also not seeing. They all seem to be in proportion. No, I’m ready to call this another giant failure.

  10. Joseph Philbert-Photography

    Her mouth was altered … no way around it … quite easy to see.

    • Show us where. There is nothing about that that makes it look like it was stretched.

      1. Shadow matches jaw line
      2. teeth are in proportion
      3. Nothing stretched out around the face like ears/hair/etc

      The teeth might have been whitened, and maybe the lipstick brightened up, but I see nothing which actually indicates the mouth itself has been stretched as claimed. Try googling something like wide smiles and you’ll see plenty of natural pictures of people with unusually shaped faces, including a pointy chin like this. The corners of her mouth do not extend past where, just to the outside of the iris, many photos show people with wide smiles extend.

      • Getting sick of fauxtographers

        Seriously? Look at her jawline, there is no way that is natural. The cheeks look like she has cotton wool balls stuffed inside.

      • Yes, and look at the shadow which matches that jawline
        Look at the teeth which are not stretched out of proportion.
        look at how the lines on the left of her face on her neck are not stretched or pushed out of the way. Again go look at google and look at pictures of people with wide smiles or pointy chins. You’ll see all kinds of face shapes. The degree to which the shadow and lines around the face would be made to look normal and natural like that would require an impressive amount of photoshop skill, a kind of skill that would not allow someone to make chipmunk cheeks.

        once again:
        The corners of her mouth don’t extend past the points in her eyes where other people with wide smiles extends. Search google all day if you like, you can see tons of examples of people with smiles that wide. The cheeks look funny, but I’m much more inclined to believe that they’re naturally like that. Otherwise, why would someone push the cheeks out like that?

  11. and as further evidence image this girl at that angle

    • Forgetthisname

      You’re right, that is her face. Man…just looking had her flickr page. How make wide eyes, puckered lips expressions with dinosaurs do you need?

    • Yep, you absolutely proved that the above photo had the hell processed out of it.

  12. not_keith

    It’s the joker from Batman

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