Not The Beatles

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say your photo editing skills are not up to par…

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  1. Wow.. it’s like they were really there! Why actually go there when I can hire them to photoshop me into that world!

  2. Thanks for doing Abbey Road a huge disservice, douche.

  3. on a side note…isn’t that a copyright infringement right there? (the photo of the road/logo)

    • cameraclicker

      Don’t think there is a copyright problem. You might make a case for plagiarism. There is an even stronger case for trademark infringement because of the logo: “The Beatles”.
      On the other hand, there is not much chance of their being confusion between this mess and the Abbey Road cover.
      Too bad they are not in the crosswalk!

      • cameraclicker

        This section need an edit function. It should read: On the other hand, there is not much chance of their causing confusion between this mess and the Abbey Road cover.

      • It’s got nothing to do with confusion. You’re thinking of trademark logos. This is a case of copyright, using the original image without permission, even if they’ve photoshopped it.

  4. wow… , no words for this one …. not a single one

  5. Hahahahahaha! I think that harhaharharhahahahar. Sorry, can’t quit :::snicker::: laughing.

  6. Oh… dear… lord…

  7. BurninBiomass

    That’s not Abbey Road, that’s Abby Normal.

    • Hey now…you gotta wonder…with all the drugs they took, don’t you think this is closer to what they had in mind for the cover?

  8. Terrible … just terrible. {sigh}

  9. Paul is most certainly dead.

  10. Bad photography and possible breaking of copyright laws aside, IF I was going to do a pastiche of one of the most recognized album covers ever, I would at least get my models to all pose together and to properly execute the walk.

  11. Wow, you;d think he would have learned how to use content-aware on his hacked copy of CS6 to properly remove the Beatles from the shot.. 🙂

    • HAHAHAH, I just noticed that you can actually see where the Beatles where standing, the blured sections clearly show their body shape!!!!

  12. I submitted this photo and this local photographer cannot photoshop worth anything. Visiting his website it quite a laugh!

  13. WhyohWhy

    I’ve seen cheap photo booths do a better job than this…

  14. greeneggs&ham

    People actually PAY for this crap?

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