That’s Not Candy

I don’t think that’s one of the candy ones. The Fauxtog obviously should have told her.

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  1. Lovely woman, unattractive pose.

  2. this could of been done better . yes she is a lovely lady .

  3. Are you seriously fat-shaming the woman in the photograph with your caption? Make fun of the photo all you want, but making fun of the subject for their weight is really disrespectful and not funny at all.

    • I agree 100%, totally uncool to make fun of the subjects and the title is uncalled for. Done right that could be a seductive idea to play coyly with the pearl necklace. It just came out a little forced and the pose should have been adjusted.

  4. Hey sassy girl!

  5. and the watermark is right over her crotch. thank you for blinding me. twice.

  6. TollToll

    The pose is TERRIBLE! & a wife beater does not go with pearls :/ this is exactly why I suggest attire to my clients.

    • Angela MacIsaac (@that_angela)

      Yeah, everyone has their own idea of sexy but I can’t imagine a wifebeater ever being that idea for anyone.

  7. ithurtswhenipee

    There is a right way make a flattering picture of bigger gals, this is not it. A shame too because she has a fantastic smile.

  8. Christy

    It’s a shame they don’t know posing. Lighting is good, not sexy but great for a portrait, and the model looks great

    • Actually, I’m not crazy about the lighting (personal preference). Too flat – fill light (I think there is one from looking at the eyes) is too soft and too close to the subject – leaving some distracting shadows (pearls and arm), and there is some vignetting towards the bottom of the photo. Lighting could have been much better.

  9. She seems a right pretty lady in spite of being a little zoftig, and the basic concept of the photo with the pearls could have worked…but not with that pose. The wife-beater could work on a more slender model (going for the tee-shirt-and-panties theme), but not with bright coloured panties. They call too much attention away from the model’s face.

  10. why did they put their watermark over her crotch??

  11. Mrs Woo

    The model looks a bit uncomfortable in this pose. I do agree, though, with the caption chosen for this – you’re insinuating what is really wrong is giving a heavy woman pearls to play with. There are ways this could be improved including lighting used to separate the model a bit more from the background or changing the background, a better pose… the model’s eyes kind of say to me, “Does this really look okay?” A woman needs to look confident to be seductive, and that is definitely not conveyed in this picture.

  12. That woman has the most beautiful skin! Too bad she went to a fauxtog for her boudoir photos.

  13. Justine

    Nice to see photographers standing up in defense of a bigger woman. 🙂

  14. Jennifer

    wow! I’m sorry but that caption was uncalled for and just plain mean.

  15. Anyone wondered what the string of pearls smells like and where exactly it has been one minute before the shot?

  16. black123

    HAHAHA omg thank you so much for pulling this pick i know this photographer and i cant stand her….she charges so many people i know for these crappy photos…its bad :/ she actually bought a chair at one of me and my fiancee yard sale and was just telling everybody she is a pro photographer and she will be using the chair for “photography shots” i didn’t realize who it was at the time but now to think about her getting a “prop” from me makes me sick

    • get a life already?
      “she” is an artistic giant and you’re just a faceless, nameless nobody

      • AbsyntheGreene

        If you don’t want your ugly photos to end up here for the ridicule they deserve, don’t post them online.

  17. LongRange

    I love making fun of crappy photography as much as anyone here, but I don’t see anything in this picture that makes it belong here. Yeah, the watermark wasn’t placed well, but I can’t help but think that if it weren’t for the model (everything else remaining the same, even if the light needs some tweaking) this picture wouldn’t be here. Frankly, I admire her for getting up in front of a camera like that. It takes an enormous amount of confidence, and as for the attire, how do we know that’s not her boyfriend’s…or girlfriend’s….favorite outfit. There’s much crappier photography out there.

  18. i love this picture

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