How To Poop In Heels

An awesome demonstration of how to deal if nature calls when you’re out on the town!

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  1. strain….RRRRRR its comin out, get ready to take the picture!!!!

  2. Who, for God’s sake would consider that pose “sexy”?

  3. OMG, I sprayed my monitor

  4. Flattering.

  5. Rufus T. Firefly

    “Who, for God’s sake would consider that pose “sexy”?”

    A coprophiliac maybe?

  6. Seriously? This is just nasty!

  7. monolith

    At least the Abe Lincoln beard frames that straining face nicely. If she had only straddled more widely, the cellulite dimples might have been (almost) avoided.

  8. Lol, pop that butt, back it up, show me what your mother gave you!

  9. Claaaasssy and Arsey

  10. Oh my! The real question to ask is who would put their name on that as an example of their work?

  11. Is she really a man peeing in the bushes? It’s gross…anyway you look at it…it’s just gross.

  12. MonkeeBoi

    That’s a “Help me, I’m being held against my will!” look if ever I saw one.

    • AbsyntheGreene

      I know, never the look you want on a model.
      Well, maybe someone does, but hopefully they are receiving appropriate counselling.

  13. Great, now I need to go use the bathroom ;P

  14. Angela MacIsaac (@that_angela)

    I wish I could stop laughing long enough to pour a bucket of bleach over my eyes.

  15. Shauna Q.

    I just don’t understand…I can’t make sense out of this…

  16. Seriously it looks like she’s pretending to pee like a man.

    • Seriously? I’m a man and I sure as hell don’t stand like that when I pee!

  17. sharon g

    I hope that’s not an elementary school in the background.

  18. something about this girl looks strangely familiar. I can’t work out how I know her face!

  19. Editormum

    Okay, besides the horrible thought that we caught this chick relieving herself in the palm trees, what is going on around her neck? Did her yashmak slip? Does she have a strange new kind of beard? I’m very, very puzzled by the whole black void under her chin.

    • Angela MacIsaac (@that_angela)

      I didn’t even notice the Amish beard thing until you mentioned it. I was too mesmerized by her deuce form.

    • She has the underside of her hair dyed black. Its probably all meeting in the middle creating the black void beard you speak of.

  20. She looks miserable and seems to be in pain. Yay her for hiring a fauxtog who’d even think to suggest such a terrible pose. *sigh*

    • He probably didn’t suggest the pose he let her do her own thing and just started taking photos. I am an artist and photographer.

  21. Looks like she just pooped out the name of the fauxtographer.

  22. Start with the pose, and then go to the lack of lighting and knowledge of how to use it.

    I wonder if this is one of those “we’re looking for the 10 best backsides in ….. ” things… if so – why would this be in your (or anyone’s) portfolio?

  23. You've Got To Be Kidding Me

    Who would want to have THEIR image plastered all over the internet looking like THAT? Seriously… what model in their right minds wouldn’t be SCREAMING “NOOOOOOO!” at the top of their lungs to the suggestion of this ‘pose’ (if you can call it that)?

  24. Reminds me of a recent add campaign for the luxury hotel ‘The Standard’ which features a model in a short skirt peeing on a rug. It takes a lot of colors to make a rainbow.

  25. I also remember seeing something like this for an ad campaign for hemorrhoid cream. It takes a lot of cream to make those clear up.

  26. I can’t take my eyes of the skirt. It doesn’t look real. It looks like it was photoshopped on!

    • Deylon Harris

      That’s cause it’s nice a plump under there dawg. The good stuff in life. Don’t you wish your woman had a booty that big?

  27. What’s up with her pointy beard

  28. LongRange

    It’s like she came across a pedo hiding in the bushes outside a school.

    “Oh! A fauxtographer! Take my picture!”
    “Uh, okay yeah, pretend like your dropping a fresh one! No, turn your toes out more! Yeah, that’s it, now scram!”

  29. ImaPoser

    She looks naughty

  30. well obviously she wasn’t happy with the shot–she is trying to shit on the fauxtog’s logo, after all.

  31. I was number 666 to like this one.. is that a bad thing? LOL

  32. The story behind this pic: While out trying to make that dollar she saw a car driving by so she was just doing a little advertising and they snapped this pic. She wanted them to know that she’s open for business…literally.

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  34. I am an artist and take photos to draw from. I am not a pro photographer but I am good enough to know that that pose is all wrong for her. Actually it is all wrong for him or her as well plus the camera they are using. My photos have to be exactly what I am going to draw so I pose the women I use like you pose a bowl of fruit for still life. I like for my models to tell a story and communicate with the person who is looking at the girl in the artwork when I am finished. One of my drawings is in the website area

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