Symbolic Stick


The symbolism in this piece is just fantastic. We really get a deep look into their relationship and truly understand why he asked her to be his wife….

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  1. Togafer

    He just pulled that stick out of her ass.

  2. Bairhanz

    Unless my eyes are failing me, that’s a blurred background and retouch on their face and his arm… Definitely pairs well with the stick.

  3. hahahahaha

  4. his expression is classic

  5. This is appalling, apart from the dickstick, the retouching of their skin, the amateur application of white to teeth and eyes is shockingly bad. No professional worth their salt would say they’re proud of this. I’m almost totally against retouching photos on this scale, this is not how these people look, so why delude yourself that they do? Crap on every level. Take the fucking camera away from this idiot. Thanks. 🙂

  6. That’s some stick!

  7. Bernard Rentajag

    By YANAP standards, this is actually not too bad. I mean, yes those are some Goddam white teeth, and his forehead has been smoothed to the point where it looks like it’s a liquid, but at least the colours and exposure are acceptable.

  8. donteatthat

    A class act all the way.

  9. artie fufkin

    focus softly
    but need some dick?
    retouch like hell
    and grab a stick

    Burma shave

  10. Let’s have some fun, this beat is sick- I wanna take a ride on your discostick

  11. cameraclicker

    “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.”
    Theodore Roosevelt, during a speech in 1903.

  12. And why she said yes!

  13. Get rid of the stick…the over smooth editing and this isn’t too bad, certainly better than some we’ve seen although i’m a bit curious of the marks on his white? t shirt

  14. his eyes are following me… creeping me out a bit!

  15. No one mentioned HDR?

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