Tiny Gangsters

Babies and guns… always a great combo!


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  1. Kimera

    What? … no spot colour? If there was ever a time I’d expect that, it’d be here ~ everything else in b&w except the bucket.

  2. the smaller kids like can someone take this from me?

    • Sadly, no he’s not. Looks to me he’s trying to pull the slide back. :-/

  3. Amanda

    At first I couldn’t believe someone would do a “little boys and guns” shoot, and then I continued to scroll down….. how is this at all necessary??? Not to mention the baby looks like she is falling out of the bucket.

  4. its not even a bucket its a metal trash can wow….

  5. Helen P. "Mickey" Megginson

    Completely tasteless! The baby’s foot is being touched by the weeds, which would result in negative stimulation for her. Little kids and guns? Seriously? I hope the photographer of this one just happens to see his/her photo on this website!

    • I’m guessing you’re on of those helicopter parents that raised your kids in a bubble and let no weeds come near them and call their college professors when they get a C.

      Obviously they’re toy guns. Lots of boys grow up with toy guns or even pretend a stick is a gun. Execution is poor, but the concept is kind of clever.

      So many damn whining people on here, live and let live and laugh at the photos.

      • I would have to agree. It could have been quite a fun shot, if it wasn’t for the poor composition and post processing (It’s too burnt out for my taste). The baby seems like an after thought and it would appear the photographer has tried to pull off two shots in one – the baby seems to be disconnected from the other two subjects.

      • Miralys

        I think the idea was to show the big brothers being ready to protect their little sister. Could have been a fun picture if they had used water pistols, making the joke more obvious. Execution is poor, though…

      • Yeah, I agree… I think the point of why it’s a bad photo was missed in this case. Personally, I was just plain confused at the composition, until I read the comment a couple down. It makes sense that big brothers would be “ready protect” and when understood it’s a cute concept, but the way it was composed was just…. well, confusing.

    • Miralys

      really? The weeds? If there is anything one should be concerned about, it’s the direct sunlight on the baby’s delicate skin (depending on the length of the photoshoot), but it is ok to let the baby get in touch with nature, you know…

    • I could not sea the foot which, I belive, speaks for the quality of this photo. But why negative stimulation?

  6. Derphotographer

    I actually get the concept, the concept is actually pretty good. But the means of portraying that is really a little concerning.

    (For those too ignorant, the concept is that the big brother will protect their little sister, the baby in the bucket)

  7. No dingo is gonna eat THIS baby

  8. I can’t tell if they are wearing wife beaters or not…

  9. Jeffssis

    Someone call CPS!

    • Vitaliy

      I hope that is sarcasm, because that’s what usually pisses me off. There would be so much good parents with good kids. They do something that CPS doesn’t like (which was harmless), and they break the family apart. At the same time, there are so much kids on the streets, and nothing is being done about that.

  10. Way to give a little kid a gun that he clearly doesn’t want to be holding.

    This is just creepy and sad.

    • They look like “toy” guns (my husband has one…don’t ask). But still.

    • The sun is causing him to squint, hence the expression. I’m pretty sure he’s trying to pull back the slide, not begging someone to take the gun from him.

  11. one for the living room wall no doubt, next to the deer and other dead animals.

  12. BurninBiomass

    Ah, its a still from the new Quentin Tarantino prequel, “Reservoir Puppies”.

  13. Here’s what I think,…I think it’s stupid! I wonder whose idea this was? You have to admit that some parents come up with some whoppers for ideas. Maybe it was supposed to look like they were “protecting” their little sister? Still stupid.

  14. It seems very hot sun and the babies foot is in it, also the photo is burnt out too much.The kids don’t want the guns,don’t know what to do with them…..I would rate this a try that didn’t work…..not one i would post on my website

  15. I get the idea; this could have been well done. Say, the boys posing, cross-armed with the guns, back to back, looking all tough, with the baby girl at their feet.

    But this looks like they’re fooling around and not at all intentional. So it just looks WTF-ish. The boy on the left doesn’t want the gun, the one on the right is trying somewhat, and the baby in the bucket just looks like an afterthought – they’re not engaged with her at all, or with each other. That, with the highlights burned out, it’s just not working for me.

    • I would love to have a coffee table album of these photos…..just as a kind of joke book, some are just so funny! 😉

  16. Dumpster baby and her ghetto big brother….there’s only hope for the middle child…run child, run away!!

  17. David P

    I’m more concerned about the weird headband fetish that baby photographers have developed over the last few years 🙁

    As to the photo it’s nasty over exposed and and the kids are not particulary endearing unless the parents belong to the NRA an wanted that theme 😀

  18. Fucking retarded.

  19. I understand the “concept” – it’s still absolutely tasteless. I can’t imagine the social circle in which such a picture is acceptable.

  20. “I fought the sun and the sun won…I fought the sun and the sun won.”

  21. Not a single comment on the massive overexposure?

  22. The histogram for this thing must look like the national debt chart.

  23. Should have gone with AR15s, way cooler.

  24. this looks like a sort of Diane Arbus photostudy? Although I guess it’s still kinda bad; Arbus isn’t exactly the best choice of inspiration for a family photo.

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