Crop Circles

That’s where the aliens are going to land!

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  1. a photographer

    Well, that’s … certainly… different!

  2. Looks like someone tried to bury her body unsuccessfully after they killed her.

  3. not even going to try to make sense of this….

  4. What the???????

  5. David P

    Even more junk when will this ever end?

  6. Burninbiomass

    Looks like she was attacked by a hay baler.

    • I tried very hard to make sense of the photo, and your explanation is the only thing which makes sense. Thank you.

  7. …the fuck is that?

  8. annalyn

    She’s been “Reaped”

  9. o_O

  10. Strange concept, composition and make-up. Blown out highlights, and little or no post editing. Time to go back to the drawing board on this shoot I think.

  11. Worst Case Scenario

    Perhaps it’s for a farm safety campaign ?

  12. cameraclicker

    My first thought was that she was painted with chocolate and lying in the field nude, then the dress was photoshopped on to make it work/family friendly. It looks like there is fabric under the grass, the grass is tied on and there are twisted grass straps over her right shoulder, so there must be some other explanation. She is reaching up. Does this have something to do with zombies? I wonder if other photos from that site would explain this one. It looks like it should be rotated 90 cw.

    • My first thought was that this is a still from an indie or small movie production. I see ads / postings for still photographers for them all the time. Most offer no pay, no benefits, no nothing – other than the photographer gets images (maybe) and a mention in the credits.

  13. Some kids snap a photo while they are making their own Walking Dead scene and it ends up here? Go take some photos, people.

  14. Sweet! Where did she get that dress from!? I’d also love to know who was the MUA! Such talent is hard to find these days!

  15. I have absolutely no idea what this photo is about,…….

  16. justme

    What…. just what.

  17. HennyM

    she looks extremely uncomfortable.

    i sat in a rye field once and it sucked, laying in any type of crop half-naked can’t be pleasant. i hope she beat the fauxtog to his senses afterwards and publishing this photo is just his way of revenging the beating.

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