I’m afraid to critique this one. Also, I’m totally going to have nightmares for days. Thanks fauxtog.

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  1. burn it. that’s the only advice i have.

  2. Pete Romfh

    That’s some spooky effect! I’m left wondering what the customer wants to do with such a photo. But there are lots of strange people out there and you might need to accomodate a particular request or requirement for one of them. But I wouldn’t invite this model to my studion for a late night photo shoot.

  3. what a shame, because in plain colour or b/w this could have been a good picture.. the snake is in focus (hard to do, cos they move SO quickly) and the composition isn’t that bad….

    • Anonymous

      Really, that snake is in focus? Time for a new eyeglass presciption.

    • The snake is not in focus, the contrast is way wonky and the subject has been crudly cut/pasted onto a background. Not good…

  4. Clearly this is a wild life fauxtog. That or this is what happens when fashion week wakes up with a hangover.

  5. Yet another attempt to copy Star Trek… The eyes are from the first series…and the snake – yikes! That’s a crime against nature!

  6. at least the pink snake and uniquely edited eyes, distract from the horrible cut and paste background job.

  7. my eyes are bleeding

    Not really but the picture is giving me a major headache….

  8. I wish this person could teach me how to make eyes look like disco balls!!! That is such a COOL effect!!! And what a STELLAR job on the selective color! I would NEVER have thought to make a snake neon pink to highlight the sharp focus. Anyone know where we can buy that awesome backdrop? I want to use it in ALL of my portraits . . . for those of you who are not on the floor or unconscious from shock, I’m totally mocking this picture.

  9. My eyes my eyes my eyes.. I am blind now…

  10. fireandice20062008

    What the……….

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