Daily Rewind: The Baby Bump You’ll Never Forget

We lost our archives from our old site, so we’re posting some of the best of the worst here. We couldn’t let you forget this baby bump.

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  1. Where’s the bump?

  2. Incredulous

    That poor boy must have been traumatized after that. Holy cow. The piss poor lighting doesn’t help this AT ALL. I’ve always said using shadows creatively can hide a world of sins. This is NOT one of those times!

  3. George Kaplan

    Jesus Christ… it’s a black hole! Absoluely terrible photograph… he could’ve at least airbrushed the stretchmarks.

    • I think stretch marks is the least of the worries with this photo! LOL 🙂

    • guestMelissa

      Please! Some respect…no cursing!

      • Whew, good thing there was no curing then!

      • “curing?” Yes, using the Lord’s name in that way is cursing/cussing/bad language/wrong/offensive….whatever you want to call it.

      • Whose lord?

      • If someone saying “Jesus Christ” offends you so badly I would hop off the Internet, turn off your TV & read nothing but your Bible my dear.

      • I so thought the comment was just directed at the man himself…? no? oh. damn. I mean dang.

  4. I could have gone my whole life without seeing this 🙁

  5. Where to begin? That looks more like a spare tire on a guy at the neighborhood watering hole than a baby bump. Crappy lighting and the name don’t help it any.

  6. Is that the liquify tool used at the bottom of the belly?

  7. LOVE the orange peel skin.

  8. Anyone else here miss the “like” button?

  9. The depressing mood of this image makes the boy seem less like an adoring brother and more like a hostile graffiti artist. (The next word he writes will also commence with the letter S.)

  10. You people disgust me! Was this picture really about the bad photography or was it to make fun of someone who is not the perfect pregnant person? That said, I do not think this photographer was good at all. Awful in fact and they most certainly could have chosen a different or better angle to shoot from, but to poke fun at someone personally is ridiculous!

    I would really like to see some pictures of what great photography is in your opinion. Something to back up the constant rants. Don’t HATE… EDUCATE!

    • Good grief, some of you. Lighten up or get off the site.

      • tripichik

        Molly ~~ “Yes I said yes I will Yes.”
        quoting James Joyce’s novel Ulysses.
        Do you get that a lot?

      • Critique the photog’s lack of skill, fine, but to pick apart the subject of the photo, ridiculous! Nope, I will not lighten up on that. Would you appreciate someone picking apart your son or daughters size of nose or ears, spacing of eyes?

      • I agree with you, Sarah.

      • Its the photographers job to make her look good :3 so by making a point that here stumach looks disgusting, we are pionting out that the photographer could have done a better job at making her look prettier.

      • 100% agree Becka – had the fauxtographer done their job – my comment would not have been necessary. A friend of mine once told me – “yeah sure – you can make the 17 – 18 yr old senior girl look good, but come back to me with a photo of a 17-18 year old boy who’s face is breaking out – then we’ll talk.” Point is – our job is to make all of our subjects look and feel like models. This person failed miserably.
        If I were the person in the photo – I’d be mad at the photographer.

  11. I just think the whole approach to the photo wasn’t well thought out at all. The boy looks like he’s being punished, for heaven’s sake!

  12. I agree with Sara ^ the picture is horrible, but dont pick on the person in the picture…thats not nice at all.

  13. Michelle

    In my opinion, 90% of maternity photoshoots with a bare belly are gross – I don’t care how good the photos are. Unless you have a pristine pregnant belly, it just doesn’t look good.

  14. heehee, looks like this one had enough to distract you guys from the usual spot color rants!

  15. I don’t care what anyone else says, not only was this “photographer” absolutely terrible… but that belly is disgusting. Seriously, why would you want that photographed? It looks like someone who used to be 400 lbs and dropped down to 200lbs, and had all kinds of extra flabby skin… and THEN got pregnant. WHY would you want to remember looking that way???

    And pregnant bellies can look beautiful if shot properly.

    • Brittany

      BECAUSE YOUR KID IS INSIDE THERE. Amazingly most women are less concerned about looking hot and MORE interested in the growing child inside of them. If creating a positive memory is the job, there’s so much more you can do to create a memory than make a person attractive.

      Also I’d hate to see how you guys are off the internet. Not everything has to be “pretty” to be artistic. Even IF she had been 400 pounds and got down to 200, that’s a cause for celebration not hiding. Losing half your body weight is commendable. For all we know she could have turned her life around and this shoot was there to commemorate her going towards the right direction. Her photographer didn’t fail her because she’s not pristine and pretty, her photographer failed her by not making this memorable, by not making a statement, by not thinking outside of the box and creatively using her body.

      I mean seriously “he should have photoshopped the stretch marks”. Leave your photoshop alone and read a book on how people took great pictures before their were computers.

  16. Anonymous

    …so gross looking…

  17. Anonymous

    it’s hard to tell if she’s pregnant or just fat…

  18. For the love of all that’s holy, somebody please call Social Services…

  19. Anonymous

    Aww… poor lady. My tum did the same thing with my son.. and I’ve always been fairly slim. (That said- I also chose not to document my bare belly after that happened. I’m pretty sure if I was that lady, I would have shoved that fauxtographer’s camera down his/her throat.) Lighten up on her. She probably felt terrible enough as it was, I can’t imagine how horrible she felt after seeing this monstrosity! If she didn’t, then more power to her for being a less vain person than most and for embracing the beauty of her pregnancy.

    Many of you have focused on the stomach/stretch mark/etc deal… (And I agree.. the fauxtog should have done a LOT of things differently there) The awkward finger paint thing is what’s the worst!!! (It’s one thing if the client requested that.. but if that was an image that was placed in a sample album… I’d hate to see the rest of that persons ‘work’!!)

  20. this could have been done in such a way to get the “idea” without creating an extremely unflattering photo of mom’s belly. I’ve worked with several “less than perfect” pregnant bellies, (my own included) and there are ways ..

  21. It honestly does not look like a baby bump. It looks more like a beer gut.

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