Soaring Eyesore


Gotta love that blur effect, plus the wings give it a real… strange feel?

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  1. Kid didn’t run fast enough to get out of the frame of this horrible photo.

  2. Colleen

    Lol love the fake sunflare Hahhahahaha

    • Melissa

      I think they forgot that sunflares occur where there is bright light….I’m not seeing it.

  3. Photography AND Art? Well that changes everything!

  4. A photographer

    Started out OK. Then the temptations of Photoshop lured the photographer into clicking and pasting until the photo became a poor joke. At least there is no select color added or removed. Maybe they were in a hurry.

  5. I’m just saying…a superhero cape would have been better than the wings…looks like some modern day Icarus…and his ass plummeted to the earth after flying to close to the sun and his wings melting. What a horrible fate awaits this kid 🙁

    • BurninBiomass

      Yea, I was getting a “fallen angel hurled to earth by God” kind of vibe off this myself. Doesn’t help that the fake blur gives the subject downward movement.

  6. Pelham

    Looks like that scene from The Birds (Hitchcock’s version) where a kid is brought down by a flock of crows. That scene alone scared the crap out of me, and this image makes me really uneasy. And yeah…the fake sunflare…seriously?! *eyeroll*

  7. Meowcate

    In fact, it’s not that bad, next to others YANAP suggestions. I don’t think this photog is a fauxtog, but looks like he didn’t know when it’s too much.

    • Gotta disagree. It sucks big time. It screams FAUXTOG.

      • Unfortunately, Jim is right. Use of cheesy effects which don’t add to the image screams fauxtog. But this one is really overused.


    Does anyone else long to see the images of the people that do all the critiquing???

    • Pelham

      Sure. If you want to see something other than weddings, infants, maternity, or engagements – all of which I don’t shoot, and all of which is pretty much all a fauxtog is able to con people into paying for.

    • Most of us can tell a fumble when we see it, without playing football professionally.

    • Canaduck

      Last time I checked, I didn’t need to be a chef to be able to tell when a meal tastes like crap.

    • meeshybee

      Nope. I have a low-end digital camera that is 7 years old and I never have been nor wanted to be a professional photographer. Many fauxtogs take better pics than me. It’s what they do to them AFTERWARDS that makes them… well, like this.

    • A) I’m linking to my website on this comment, have at it.
      B) If you can’t just look at most of the photos on this website and tell that they’re EXTREMELY sub-par, you’re dumber than you make yourself sound.

    • I’ll link mine when I change careers and start stealing from people and calling it “photography”.

      I’m not good enough, nor do I have the gear to charge people money to take photos. So I don’t do it.

  9. Kid looks like pacman trying to chomp that fake sunflare

  10. Cool! Another dead kid!

  11. I think this image is ok. Trust me, it’s the first! The dreamy effect is kind of cool, although the mouth-adjacent orb could go.

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