So Not Photography

Calling this photo “photography” is madness! My cellphone has taken better shots when I accidentally drop it on the floor!

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  1. Was that taken with a Canon Sure Shot?

  2. Needs a watermark.

  3. She girl in green is holding the camera remote…

  4. Fauxtog business checklist:
    Facebook page
    any kind of camera (my point and shoot with remote will do)
    two “models” (my highschool friends will do)
    living room with something to sit on (couch will do)

    Real Photographer Business checklist:
    Education/knowledge in art/lighting/photography etc
    expensive equipment (camera, lenses, tripods, external flash etc)
    … do I need to go on?

  5. Not a good shot, but for a snap shot where it is just friends screwing around and just wanted to remember the moment, who cares. It obviously was just a friend shot and it captured the fun of the moment and probably just ended up on FB as an update. I doubt the person is a pro, but even if she was, it would have been a real buzz kill to a fun social time to try to take a formal shot.

    The image could have been better for sure, but it conveys the message they are friends, they are enjoying themselves, and it captured a memory. That’s what photos are supposed to do.

    • Lacsirax

      That would be fine Path… were it not for the fact this photo was on a page entitled “Photography ______”.

      • Honestly some people use their “business” facebook as their personal one. I know a talented photographer who has excellent portfolio shots mixed in with cell phone pics (similar to this) – I mean, I’d have seperated to two accts, but some people just manage it differently

  6. I agree with Path & I see Lacsirax’ s point. We’d have to be able to go to the actual FB page to see if it really was meant as a Professional Photography Business. We’d have to see the full title, the rest of the comments on this pic, and the other pics there. Was it in an album titled “Portfolio” or “Just for Fun”? Just because the word “Photography” was in the title doesn’t prove anything. Maybe the girl with the remote was taking a Photography class (probably her 1st) or maybe she simply wanted a place for all her Photos and didn’t realize what that word conveys. Even if it was found on an FB page touted as a “Real” business – maybe she is actually a photographer and is good at it. But this pic was never meant as an example of her “work” This particular pic was obviously not part of any professional or semi-professional shoot, or even class assignment. But she included this on her “Photography (whatever)” page just because she was having some fun with friends and wanted to share her lighter side. I know most of the best do, but not all photographers share the idea that only their “best work” ever be seen in public. I too have taken some absolutely stellar photos with my camera-phones over the years (with 4 little ones running around me 24/7, any remotely decent glass is locked away most the time!), but I’ve got plenty like this too. I cut most. Sometimes one just has a lot of meaning, even if it is terrible “quality”, I’ll keep it. Granted though that I don’t tend to post them publicly. But that is really more MY issue than the issue of those who do 😉

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